Top 12 Must Have WordPress Plugins for Bloggers In 2022

Here at WPressBlog, we have listed 10 must-have WordPress plugins for bloggers to use in 2022. These are the plugins that you should use in your all WordPress websites.

There are many WordPress plugins that provide the same feature. You have to choose the best one from all of those plugins. These plugins are available in free, freemium, and premium versions.

To reduce your work in finding the best plugin, we have made a list of the best WordPress plugins for bloggers that provides the best features compared to other same kinds of plugins.

Note: All the plugins listed below are free.

Must Have WordPress Plugins for Bloggers in 2022

1. Akismet

Akismet Must Have WordPress Plugins

After a few months of starting a blog, it starts getting too many comment spam. You can block all those spam comments by using Akismet which is the best anti-spam plugin. It comes with WordPress installation.

You can see how many comments are approved and how many comments are marked as spam. You can use this plugin for your personal free of cost. If you want to use Akismet for commercial sites then you have to go for a paid version.

2. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO Essential WordPress Plugins for Bloggers

SEO is the most important thing for any website and for that you have to create great content for good optimization.

After creating great content you should check, if your content is SEO optimized or not.

But how can you do this?

Yoast SEO will help you in optimizing your content. It will check title tags, meta tags, readability, keyword optimization, and many more. So Yoast SEO is the best SEO plugin that every blogger should use.

3. Jetpack

Jetpack Best WordPress Plugin

Jetpack is a must-have WordPress plugin for every blog. It has too many awesome features like website security, appearance, writing, etc.

One of the best things is that if you use jetpack then you don’t need to install these plugins: Google XML Sitemaps, Wordfence Security, and WP Smush.

4. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache Must Have WordPress Plugins

It is necessary to load fast your website for better SEO and UX. A faster website can rank high in a search engine and have higher user engagement.

W3 Total Cache can enable caching and makes your website super fast that can load within a few seconds. Also, page speed matters a lot for the ranking so choosing the best caching plugin can improve your website SEO.

If you can able to buy a plugin then I recommend you to use the WP Rocket plugin. It is simple, user-friendly, and provides too many features.

Want more caching plugins then check these best WordPress caching plugins.

5. WP Smush

WP SMUSH Popular WordPress Plugin

Image attracts users more than content. High-quality images make your website more appealing to users. But a high-quality image takes a lot of storage space and also increases the loading time of a webpage.

WP Smush will reduce your website image size and optimize it so that your web page can load faster. It can optimize the JPG, JPEG, GIF, and PNG format images. You can optimize images in two ways: auto-optimize while uploading and manual bulk optimization from plugin settings.

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6. WooCommerce

WooCommerce WordPress Plugins

If you want to make an eCommerce website in WordPress then you must need a WooCommerce plugin. This plugin will make all eCommerce tasks simple and easy to use. Currently, more than 30% of eCommerce websites are using WooCommerce.

7. WP-Optimize

WP Optimize Essential WordPress Plugin

As time goes, there is an increase in your website database. This database also contains unnecessary files(you are not aware of it) which results in a slowdown of your website.

WP-Optimize will clean up your database and increase website performance. In the end. Your website will run smoothly and faster.

In addition, WP-Optimize will clean your spam comments, trashed posts, pingbacks, and trackbacks.

8. Wordfence Security

Wordfence Security Essential WordPress Plugins

For any blog owner, it becomes necessary to keep their blog secure from hackers. There are many ways that a hacker can use to hack your website. Without a plugin, you can’t make your blog secure enough.

There are many WordPress security plugins that can secure your website effectively. But if you are looking for a free plugin then Wordfence security is the best security plugin.

Wordfence Security has many features to protect your websites like Firewall protection, Malware scanning, Invalid login blocks, and many more.

You can see your website’s live traffic including robots. If you find any suspicious activity on your website then you can instantly block that. This is the best free WordPress plugin to secure your website.

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9. Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker Must Have WordPress Plugin

Even if you have a successful website having huge traffic, there are many possibilities to have broken links on your website. Broken links are mostly found in comments. They create a bad impression of your website.

To find the broken links on your website, the Broken Link Checker plugin works really well. When a broken link is found on your website then this plugin can notify you through email and WordPress dashboard so you can quickly fix it.

10. WPForms

WPForms Essential WordPress Plugin for Blog

It is necessary to have a contact page on all websites so that any customer can easily contact you using the contact page. A contact form makes a user’s task easy and fast for contacting the website owner.

From too many contact form plugins, I have selected WPForms due to its simple, fast, and easy-to-use features. You can build a contact form within seconds by using drag and drop features.

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11. Redirection

Redirection Must Have WordPress Plugins for Bloggers

In a few cases, you need to change the permalinks of your posts or pages. After changing the permalink, if you don’t redirect the old URL to a new URL then your website users will see a 404 error page which creates a bad impression of your website.

Here you can use the Redirection plugin to redirect the old URL to a new URL. You can redirect the old URL to new using 301, 302, and 307. When you change a permalink then by default this plugin creates a 301 redirect automatically to a new URL so you can’t lose the page value.

12. MailChimp for WordPress

MailChimp For WordPress Most Popular WordPress Plugin

MailChimp is the best email subscriber WordPress plugin. Using MailChimp, you can send an email, manage subscribers, and check the result.

MailChimp is a free WordPress plugin and very easy to install and use. To use MailChimp on a commercial website, you need to buy the premium version.

You can create a beautiful opt-in form in MailChimp to send the newsletter.

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If you install these must-have WordPress plugins for bloggers then more than 50% of work will be reduced. You can manage your blog easily and faster by using these plugins.

If you are using any other plugin which works better than the plugin listed above then please let us know about it in below comment section so I can add it to this list.

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