How to Write a Quality Content – A Complete Step by Step Guide

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Want to know how to write attractive and quality content that brings more oraganic traffic to your site? Then here is the complete guide for you.

Writing a blog post that the audience loves is not that easy. It requires some ingredients to write a perfect blog post.

Do you know what blogs are? In the beginning, the blogs were more of a personal diary. People used to share things about their daily lives in their blog posts. But now blogs have become an effective way to drive more traffic to the website.

A blog is an online journal in which you can display information in reverse chronological order. The latest posts appear first in a blog. You can say that a blog is an informational website or platform where a writer or a group of writers share their views.

Writing a blog post requires skills. For many people writing for Search engine optimization purposes and writing to grab the audience’s attention seems two different things. But this is not the case.

In an SEO-optimized and readable blog post, keep your keywords in a prominent place. But avoid overusing the keywords.

Definition of a Blog Post

Marketing has many subdivisions and content is one of them. But it is the most misunderstood term by many of us. Everyone wants to drive more and more traffic to the website and considers all the critical factors that play an essential role in this regard, but they ignore the importance of quality content.

A blog is an informational website where the writer shares his/her views on an individual subject. A blog post is an entry that a writer writes on a blog. If you own a blog, you can upload content in the form of text, video, infographics, and photos as well.

But what makes a blog post perfect? Does any such thing as a perfect blog post or quality content exist?

Well, the answer is yes. When you are writing an article, remember that you are not writing your high school papers. You need to write that your audience finds interesting.

In simple words, your blog post must be engaging as you are writing to an audience that is significantly larger. Nobody will come to read the boring stuff on your blog.

Things to Do to Create a Quality Content

1. Search Keywords

You own a blog which means you want it to rank higher in the search engine results and choose the right keywords that can do it. Do keyword research before you start writing something.

A keyword is what your audience is looking for and when you have written a blog post after doing proper keyword research your blog post will be in the top search results. Remember the keyword research matters a lot in SEO.

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2. An Attractive Headline

Write Attractive Blog Title

Let’s start with a simple thing. When you write a headline, you are spending eighty cents out of your dollar. You should come up with an enticing title so that the audience could easily find your article. Whether the reader will read the post or not is entirely based on the title you choose.

If you want your article to be found by the search engine, then do not forget to add keywords in your title. But wait for a second! The keyword stuffing will not serve the purpose. Be natural.

If you are thinking to use clickbait titles, then drop the idea immediately. The audience finds clickbait annoying. So, don’t ever consider using them. If you use a misleading title, the audience will click to read the post, but then quickly it will leave the blog.

The search engine will realize that you are not providing what the audience is looking for. Use interesting titles so that the audience could click them to read the entire post.

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3. Use Sub-Header

You can use an attractive title to drive the audience’s attention, but you cannot squeeze everything into a few words. So, you need a supporting sub-header to tell the reader what your content is about and what you want to discuss.

Remember you only grab the attention by using an exciting title. You have to generate interest by using the sub-header in the blog post.

4. Keep it Simple

Now comes the wordplay. You use difficult phrases and words that your audience is unable to understand. When you fail to let the audience understand your content, you are defeating the point of content marketing.

You should use jargon but only where necessary. Do not use unnecessarily difficult synonyms to show off. Keep your post understandable and straightforward for everyone.

Keep the paragraphs short as the reader does not pay attention to long boring sections. In an SEO-optimized blog post, you need to make sure that sentences are not too long. Do not start each new sentence on a new line.

5. Do your Research

Do Your Research

Let’s face not all bloggers know everything. Even sometimes when professional bloggers sit down to write something they do not know anything about that particular subject. There comes the research to their rescue.

You should research before you write something. If you are taking information and facts from a third party, then make sure you choose authoritative sources.

Remember that the false information easily makes its way into articles without the site editor’s noticing. So be careful while writing the facts and figures. Avoid writing faulty facts.

6. Use Images Effectively

A blog post without visual content most likely sends your reader to Twitter or Reddit. So, it is highly valuable to include images to break up the text. Well, no one pores over every word of what you have written. Appealing images make your post attractive and let the user stay on the article.

I don’t read a post that does not contain any photos. I only scan the blog posts rather than going through every word. If you are writing on a dry topic, then use pictures to inject some much-needed humor. Also, don’t forget to optimize images for a better user experience.

7. Proofreading

Proofreading is indeed an essential part of writing a perfect blog. When you type a short message on the phone, the typo sometimes embarrasses you. The same goes for a blog post as well. There can be grammar mistakes, typos, and general sloppiness that leave a negative impression on the reader.

So, always read your blog post a couple of times before you hit publish. If possible, give it to your friends to give it a quick scan before publishing.

Also, don’t forget to use the best grammar checking tool to make the content grammatical error free. I recommend using Grammarly to create the best and most engaging content. You can read here the Grammarly premium review.

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8. Share your Blog Post

You should share your blog post on popular Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter etc. Read other users’ blogs as well and take part in the discussions by commenting. It will help you make a huge community where you will be able to share your blog post.

Don’t say what others are saying. Be unique and make your post stand out from others. If the audience is commenting and discussing the topic, it means you have succeeded in giving your audience something valuable. Your blog post should be of appropriate length.

It should not be too long or too short. Keep your post between 1000-1500 words. Be original and stick to the point. Never forget to link your current post on the same topic to the new post.

Final Words

These are the best ways to write attractive and quality content in 2024.

Let us know which way you have found new or is there any other way which is missing here to write an attractive article by commenting below.

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