10 Best WordPress Plugins for Email Subscription in 2022

Well, do you know that over 70% of the website users who leave the website never come back? Harsh it is, but the truth. They simply find your blog, read it, and then wave goodbye. If you are a victim to this 70 % of the users, well you really need to level up your game. After all, the science says “Larger and more engaged the email list is, the faster will be your website’s growth and thus more will be the RoI.”

There are two ways to do the same. You can either deploy opt-in forms at various locations on the website, add content upgrades, trigger forms based on the user’s behavior, or leverage cutting-edge tactics.

Another and simplest way is to integrate an email subscription plugin into your website and count in the growing numbers. All you got to do is coordinate with your web development team to incorporate these plugins and sit back and relax. Here we are running through some of the popular email plugins that you can choose from.

So, without wasting a moment further, let’s dive in!!!

10 Best WordPress Plugins for Email Subscription in 2022

1. Email Subscribers

Email Subscribers
Email Subscribers

The popular choice of email marketers, Email Subscribers is one of the most robust and user-friendly choices when it comes to WordPress plugins for the email subscription. The plugin lets you create an email list for free while providing an easy tool to send emails. It boasts of enhancing your sales rate by manifold.

Cost: Email Subscribers’ ultimate features are available only for $12 a month and extend up to $120/ Year.

Features of Email Subscribers:

  1. Allows easy placement of subscription box to the most favored spot.
  2. Sends weekly, daily, monthly, or yearly HTML newsletters to the users.
  3. Notifies users for the latest posts.
  4. Let you send an email in the most preferred way (manual or automated).

2. WP Subscribe Pro

WP Subscribe Pro
WP Subscribe Pro

Another option that you can choose as a WordPress plugin for email subscriptions is WP Subscribe Pro. Enabling you to create an effective email list, lets you gain access to an extensive range of features like performing accurate targeting fields, creating custom opt-in forms, adding animation effects, and a lot more. What else? It lets you do all this in the easiest possible way using an easy-to-use interface.

Cost: You can get yourself WP Subscribe Pro at just $29 that comes with unlimited features for 5 domain usage.

Features of WP Subscribe Pro:

  1. The plugin comes with speed optimizer and therefore, does not slow down your website
  2. Extensive support to FeedBurner, MailChimp, and Aweber
  3. Can be added to multiple widget areas
  4. Pro version comes with additional features of responsiveness and color optimization

3. Constant Contact Custom Popup Subscription

Constant Contact Custom Popup Subscription

Constant Contact Custom Popup Subscription claims to be the largest and the fastest-growing email marketing service. What makes it one of the prominent choices is its offerings in terms of email marketing service and email templates for every occasion you can think of.

It lets you create a custom popup, designated spot for Youtube, Vimeo, and much more. Boasting its power to transform visitors into members and subscribers, it lets you reach out to your audience.

Cost: You can buy the plugin for just $19 and avail superb features for 6 months.

Features of Constant Custom Popup Subscription:

  1. Notifies users on a successful subscription.
  2. Sends newsletters to the registered users.
  3. Fully customizable and responsive
  4. Easy installation and setup

4. Subscribe by Email Plugin

Subscribe by Email Plugin
Subscribe by Email Plugin

Helping you build a strong database of subscribers, Subscribe by Email lets your website visitors stay updated on your posts. Full of intuitive features, this plugin does not require an additional tool setup to run. It lets you create a visually appealing popup subscription form for FeedBurner that makes it impossible for your visitors to ignore it.

Cost: You can buy a regular license for Subscribe by Email at just $12 while the cost of advanced features can extend up to $60.

Features of Subscribe by Email:

  1. Provides free email alert options.
  2. Easy to use the subscription form.
  3. Deep analytics with subscribers’ statistics
  4. Responsive and customizable

5. Chimpy


Designed by MailChimp, Chimpy is one of the most popular email subscription plugins out there. It brings you a great range of features like content locking, user synchronization, signup forms, and a lot more to make the job much easier for you.

You can ask your WordPress Development team to integrate Chimpy into your website and help your visitors stay updated on the latest changes. Additionally, it brings you the benefits of instant updations on user-created, deleted, besides other changes on the mailing list.

Cost: You can get a regular license for Chimpy at the cost of $29 and extend up to $149 for advanced features.

Features of Chimpy:

  1. ‘Subscribe to Unlock’ feature to foster a sense of curiosity among the readers and ensuring great engagement.
  2. It provides visually appealing popup on the pages of your choice.
  3. Flexibility to create unlimited signup forms
  4. Easy to customize options.

6. Popup Plugin for WordPress

Popup Plugin for WordPress
Popup Plugin for WordPress

Looking for well-designed email subscription pop-ups for your website? Your search ends here with Popup Email Plugin for WordPress. Being a social locker plugin, it significantly increases the social count rate of the website and newsletter subscribers.

The ability to integrate with all the popular mailing systems like MailChimp, ConvertKit, GetResponse, and many more makes this plugin all the more attractive for the website.

Cost: The plugin is available with a great range of features for just $25 and extends the plan to include unlimited features for $142.

Features of Popup Plugin for WordPress:

  1. Enables you to lock the content with opt-in locker functionality.
  2. Claims to increase more email subscribers every day.
  3. More than 60 popups and responsive themes.
  4. Lets you lock the social pages with social lock option.
  5. Language conversion to the preferred mode with WPML.

7 MailChimp Subscribe Form

MailChimp Subscribe Form

MailChimp lets you create stunning subscription forms in the easiest way within seconds. It is considered one of the most responsive and easy-to-use email subscription WordPress plugins that comes integrated with GetResponse and MailChimp services.

With MailChimp, you can easily change the style of your forms using an amazing subscribe form plugin. The most attractive perk of opting for this plugin is its free availability. All you need to do is download it from the official WordPress Website and activate it.

Cost: Available free of cost

Features of MailChimp:

  1. MailChimp and ShortCode supported
  2. Shortcode can be used in the widgets
  3. No coding skills required
  4. No message with “Powered By” and “Created By”
  5. Unlimited responsive forms
  6. Style forms as per your preference

8. Popups by OptinMonster

Popups by OptinMonster

Popups are the best email subscription plugins available free of cost. It is the easiest way to add subscribers to your mailing list. With OptinMonster’s Popups, you can append popups and slide-in opt-in boxes. This plugin is compatible with all the popular marketing services like GetResponse, MailChimp, Aweber, and many others.

Cost: Freely available on WordPress.org

Features of Popups by OptinMonster:

  1. High converting template library
  2. Drag-and-drop campaign builder to customize campaigns accordingly.
  3. 2-step opt-in technology claims to boost the conversion rates by more than 785%
  4. Provides 8 types of Optin forms

9. Mailster


Mailster lets you build mobile-ready campaigns with an easy-to-use drag and drop builder. With this plugin, you can deliver one of the best experiences to your customers while taking care of their ease.

However, many turn a blind eye to it owing to its premium availability. Having said that, an extensive range of features make this plugin worth this one-time investment. It enables you to handle everything from a single place is a super convenient way.

Cost: The plugin is available at a price of $49.

Features of Mailster:

  1. Designs that are mobile and retina ready.
  2. Drag and drop campaign builder
  3. Easy to integrate with other WordPress plugins
  4. Advanced analytics to help you track the records
  5. Unlimited subscription forms
  6. Translation ready

10. Sumo List Builder

Sumo List Builder
Sumo List Builder

Last but not least, we have Sumo List Builder to quench your thirst for an amazing Email subscription plugin for WordPress. This plugin offers a creative newsletter and time-controlled pop-ups that can be customized to appear on clicks or when the users attempt to leave your site.

It features an advanced drag and drop builder that makes it one of the easiest email capture tools to keep the users glued. It offers easy integration with the best email marketing service providers like MailChimp, Aweber, Constant Contact, and Campaign Monitor.

Cost: Free of cost

Features of Sumo List Builder:

  1. Advanced drag and drop builder
  2. Pre-designed templates to choose from
  3. Design that is mobile-ready and responsive
  4. Powerful targeting tool for most engaged users
  5. Dedicated customer support

Key Takeaway

If you are the one looking to build an amazing email list that helps your business to grow and flourish, here are some of the tried and tested plugins for you. Adding these stylish and intuitive pop-ups to your websites will help you target visitors’ attention to the spot it is required the most and encourage the signup. You only have to choose what suits you the best and get rolling onto the journey of more and more users.

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