5 Best WordPress Plugins for Email Subscription in 2024

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Email subscription plugins hold a great value for building a strong relationship with the audience. These help you grow the email list, but you can also communicate with your audience more professionally. As a result, your interaction with the audience becomes much better.

However, building an email list is not an easy task. To increase the subscribers and manage the email list, one needs a perfect strategy and a powerful plugin. So to help you get your hands on the best email subscription plugins for WordPress, here are some of the most powerful options.

Best WordPress Plugins For Email Subscription in 2024

The following are the best plugins to help you fulfill your business’s requirements.

1. MailChimp

Mailchimp for WordPress Best WordPress Plugins For Email Subscription

MailChimp is one of the best WordPress plugins for email subscriptions to help you use various methods to make the most effective newsletter. This plugin allows the user to create a brand new form or integrate it with a pre-existing form on your site. You can use any form, contact, comment, or checkout form.

There are absolutely no charges up to 2000 subscriber lists, which is why many businesses are dependent on this newsletter services. In addition, you do not have to pay any fee for making an account, and signing up hardly takes 30 seconds.


  • Mobile optimized and user-friendly sign-up forms
  • Connecting with the account takes only a few seconds
  • Daily-updated knowledge base
  • Developer friendly
  • Multiple forms (for premium accounts)

Price: This plugin is available in free and premium versions. The premium plans start from $59 per year for one website.

2. Icegram

Icegram Best Newsletter Plugins for WordPress

If you want to grow your email lists seamlessly, consider trying Icegram. It is one of the most renowned result-driven WordPress popup creators. There are many things you can do to capture your ideal leads. These options include popups, optin, slide-ins, welcome bars, etc., without ever learning the complex coding.

Using the Icegram popup builder plugin, setting up the exit-intent popup campaigns, badges, inline optin, tickies, ribbons, action bars, and even sidebar panel can be done within the blink of an eye. There are also many types when it comes to lead capture widgets.

If you are looking for a plugin that will let you get into the work right away, the readymade templates can be used. Such templates are effective at what they do, but they also help boost engagement quickly.

If you do not want to spend any extra time building the newsletter and email subscription from scratch, this plugin can be the right choice. Why? Because it is absolutely no charge that you have to pay.


  • Present the right support page to the customer
  • Growth focused readymade templates
  • GDPR compliant
  • Compatibility with the updated version of WordPress
  • Support for the free users

Price: This plugin is available in free and premium versions. The premium plans start from $97 per year for one website.

3. MailOptin

MailOptin Best Email Subscription Plugins for WordPress

MailOptin is another great form builder and a popup builder that helps you create the subscribe forms, popups, user registration forms, and most importantly, send an email newsletter. This plugin will ensure that visitors interact pretty well with the content. This plugin understands the concept of a call to action from targeted messages to in-post subscription forms.

With this particular plugin, you will be able to notify all the subscribers along with WordPress users about the new post you made on your social media. There are also some additional factors of this plugin. For instance, there are Notification bars, slide-in, and sidebar widgets.

The user often has a problem keeping some content separate for the subscribers only. But with this plugin, doing exactly that is possible and effective via its content locker.


  • Automated newsletter
  • Scheduling to ensure that you do not forget anything important
  • New post notifications
  • Integration with other plugins
  • Content locker

Price: This plugin is available in free and premium versions. The premium plans start from $79 per year for one website.

4. Newsletter

Newsletter Best WordPress Plugins For Newsletter

While talking about the best newsletter plugins for WordPress websites, one can never forget this particular one. As the name suggests, Newsletter is an authentic newsletter and email marketing system that you can use for WordPress blogs.

This plugin is the perfect choice for list building. You also get to make, share and track the email effortlessly. Thus, there is no worry about banging your head on the wall trying to find your way through. The themes of this plugin are customizable so that you can leave your essence in the messages.

This plugin gives you all the necessary technical tools to help you achieve GDPR compliance. This plugin collects no subscriber data, and nor can it access them. Hence, it eliminates the need for a data processing agreement.


  • GDPR compliance
  • Unlimited subscribers align with tracking
  • Full translatable messages
  • Customization of all types of forms
  • Status panel

Price: This plugin is available in free and premium versions. The premium plan starts from $69 per year for 3 websites with 30 days money-back guarantee.

5. Hustle

Hustle Best Email Subscription WordPress Plugins

Are you looking for an ultimate marketing plugin to help you convert site traffic? Hustle is exactly what you need. It is well known for its efficiency in building mailing lists. You also get designer-made templates, a simple setup optin form, and targeted marketing popups. This plugin is best if you are looking for a way to grow your mailing list.

Through Hustle, you can display targeted ads using optins, widgets, shortcodes, slide-ins, and popups. Also, the variety of the pre-designed templates is pretty huge. You shall not have issues while looking for the one that seems to go with your campaign goals. The major issue concerning many people today is ad blockers hiding their content. However, Hustle knows how to go through such hurdles to display the content.


  • Color match your brand
  • Integrated with the best email services
  • Scheduling of the modules
  • Conversion rate overview
  • New features and layouts are coming every month
  • Offers 21 days free trial.

Price: This plugin is available in free and premium versions. The premium version price is $60/year for one website.

Final Words

Plugins are not only helpful in creating email lists, but they are also a way to build professional relations with the audience. Hopefully, with some of the most powerful and popular email subscription WordPress plugins mentioned here, the worry of email marketing is taken off your shoulders.

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