5 Best Google AdSense Plugins for WordPress to Earn Maximum Revenue In 2022

If you are looking for various smart Google AdSense Plugins for your WordPress site, you have found the exact blog post. This time, WPressBlog has published 5 Best AdSense Plugins which offer the highest revenue.

Since Google AdSense has always been a safe platform to improve revenue from your website. You can display Google AdSense ads on your website or blog. You can get started by signing up in Google AdSense. It’s really an easy process.

Before signing up, I want to let you know that Google has strict guidelines to show ads on a website. So must read it first to avoid getting your Google AdSense account banned.

Now to start earning money, you need to have patience and extra effort. Also, make sure of the excellent content strategy. Don’t think that by merely displaying Google Ads and content without any strategy, you will be able to make money.

Your content should be easily readable and catchy to attract a crowd of visitors. It’s a long-term process but once you start getting traffic, your revenue will be rolled down to your pocket.

Everyone wants to have the opportunity to earn revenue in return for their lots of efforts and time spent on a website or blog.

Hence, get ready to know various WordPress Plugins for your website or blog. All these plugins will be really excellent for increasing revenue.

Best Google Adsense Plugins For WordPress

#1. WP QUADS –Quick AdSense Reloaded

It is one of the most used AdSense inserting plugins. More than 100,000 website owners have installed this plugin and earning great revenues from AdSense.

However, it’s not new. It was discontinued but now a developer has taken it over himself to maintain its features of Quick AdSense.

Due to some legacy updates on WordPress, many could have problems with disappearing ads on a website. But you don’t need to worry when using WP QUADS. You can easily import the previous Quick AdSense Settings and continue with the new one.

The new version of the WP QUADS plugin is equipped with more enhanced features and performance with optimized coding.

Features of WP QUADS plugin:

  • Auto AMP ads insertion in the QUADS PRO version.
  • Deprecated functions are removed and bugs are fixed to make the plugin more extensive for third-party developers.
  • It automatically defines AdSense sizes for different devices.
  • You can create mobile optimized and device friendly ads.
  • You can easily disable ads on mobile, tablet, or desktop devices.


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#2. AD Inserter

Now we are with the latest WP plugin for AdSense Ads. Install the most popular AD inserter WP- Plugin. This plugin assists bloggers to add AdSense within the content through code optimization. Not merely AdSense ads, with this plugin, you will also be able to add other kinds of ads.

Like in all plugins, you just need to put HTML code in the input box to insert ads in the AdSense block. This Plugin also focuses on managing the AdSense advertisements within the content paragraph to improve user engagement.

Features of Ad Inserter:

  • It has advanced functions to visualize inserted ads and code blocks.
  • Easy settings to use an internal clipboard.
  • It is capable to work with server-side and client-side caching.
  • Ad Inserter can easily detect ad types such as pop-up messages and redirection.
  • It schedules ad rotation in a single ad-block.
  • You can create rich media ads with the WordPress TinyMCE editor.
  • It can process the PHP code.
  • You can create a custom CSS class name to wrap <div> tags to avoid blocking ads.


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#3. Advanced Ads

If you are looking for the Adsense plugin for WordPress that is compatible with all affiliate networks like Google AdSense, Chitika, ClickBank, Amazon,..etc, then the latest Advanced Ads plugin is the best match for your website or blog. You can insert additional ad networks tags on the header and footer without any additional coding.

This plugin supports ad types and ad management to advance ad placement and other specific targeting features. It also lets the blogger track and analyze Ad performance.

Features of Advanced Ads:

  • You can create and display unlimited ad units.
  • This plugin supports time scheduling for ad rotation.
  • It can inject ads into posts and pages without any additional coding.
  • You may also sell ads automatically with the Selling Adds add-on.
  • Bloggers can create content-rich ads with the WP TinyMCE editor.
  • You may display ads based on conditions like individual posts or pages, posts by category, and tags.
  • You can hide ads on specific pages like 404 pages or feeds.


#4. WP-Insert

Now we are with another WP Plugin for AdSense i.e WP-Insert. Lots of bloggers more than 30K+ are using this plugin to insert Google AdSense Ads on their website and blog pages. It allows you to insert ads wherever you want them to display for better user engagement.

This plugin is well coded and laced with many advanced features. The reason is why more than 30,000 active bloggers use this plugin to greatly earn revenue from Google ads.

Features of WP-Insert:

  • It lets you publish the Google Analytics code to track ad performance.
  • You can add custom JS code for the header and footer.
  • You can freely add CSS to the appearance of ads on mouse hover.
  • With this plugin, you will be able to check the A/B test performance of ads and ad types.
  • You can target your ads for a particular geo-specific location to maximize your revenue.
  • Via the A/B testing feature, you can rotate ads. This means you can use different ad networks with confliction that you can use only ads from one network at a time.


#5. Insert Post Ads

Inserting ads in the mid of the content is the first choice for all bloggers. It’s not bad. Placing ads within the content is a great way to improve user engagement and hence more revenue. If you are looking for such kind of WordPress plugin, then ready to install the latest Insert Post Ads plugin for WP bloggers.

Features of Insert Post Ads:

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Automatic insertion of Google Ads
  • You can easily insert ads via third-party as codes or custom code.
  • You are free to insert ads before, between, and after the content.



Hope this blog post would be great for WordPress bloggers. Select the best WordPress plugin and maximize your revenue from your blog in return for your extraordinary efforts. Keep reading our amazing blog post.

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