12+ Proven Ways to Make Money Online With WordPress Blog

Are you looking for the ways to make money online? WordPress is the best platform that you can use to make money.

All bloggers are making money from their WordPress website by doing blogging. You can also be one of them.

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Here WPressBlog has listed the top ways to make money from your WordPress website.

12+ Ways to Make Money Online Using WordPress Blog

1. Join affiliate marketing program to monetize your blog content

Affiliate marketing is the way to sell other’s product and services through your own web assets. Affiliate marketers can earn good affiliate commission. Make sure you should have good quality content and traffic. The more you would have traffic to your blog, the more you would earn.

You’ll earn an affiliate commission for each and every organic clicks or impression through ads. Amazon associates, eBay affiliate network, Clickbank…etc are the best affiliate networks to join.

WordPress offers numerous plugins and tools such as “ThirstyAffiliates”, “Adsanity”, “OptinMonster” and more for affiliate marketing.

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2. Display Google AdSense Ads:

Google Adsense is the most popular CPC (cost per click) ad network. Adsense pays their affiliates for each and every click on ads gained by natural visitors to your blog.

You should have an approved Google AdSense account to display Google Ads. After that, you can monetize your WordPress blog just by placing ad codes on the required free space of web assets. Now you are ready to money rolled down to your account.

But also keep the fact in mind that Adsense has very strict rules and regulations. On failing them, your account can be permanently banned. You may also refer to our previous blog post “how to avoid your Adsense account from getting banned?

If you are banned from using Adsense then you can use these best Adsense alternatives to make money from your blog.

3. Use WordPress advertising plugins:

Adsense is the best way to earn money by showing ads on your website. But you can also show direct ads on your website. You can negotiate the price according to the banner size and its place on the website. You can earn more money this way than Adsense.

WordPress plugins make the work handy for the affiliates. These plugins provide simple ways to insert ads with shortcodes and widgets. “BuySellAds” is the recommended WordPress plugin for the website owners or publishers.

4. Sell sponsored blog posts:

If you don’t like to display ads on your blog, you can monetize your blog via sponsorships. It is just like all that in TV shows and sports, many sponsors are there to pay the organizers for representing their products and services. In the same way, you can sell sponsored blog posts via your WordPress blog using WP plugins.

If your web assets have awesome traffic and great audience demographics, you can approach to advertising companies to negotiate a sponsorship deal.

5. Write reviews to get paid:

Like selling a sponsored blog post, you can also make money by writing paid reviews on your site. This is an alternative way to monetize your blog or website.

To get started, the best way is to first select the appropriate product as per your site’s niche and then post reviews. You can approach lots of businesses that always require numerous blog owners to write paid reviews for them.

Also, you may like websites like “PayPerPost”, “SponsoredReviews” to get in touch with the advertising companies requiring reviews to promote their business.

6. Make money online by selling websites:

Many advertisers wish to buy already created high trafficked WordPress sites to promote their own business. If you know how to create a WordPress blog and getting great traffic, you can sell your web assets and make money for your great efforts.

Flippa for an instance is the famous web portal to serve as auction sites and brokers to get the website sold.

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7. Create a membership site:

If you have a passion to write and a big fan for your large audience, it’s time to get ready to earn. You may create a membership area for your audience who would like to pay you for getting more premium content.

However, it requires a big time investment. But with WordPress, you can get a variety of plugins like “Rainmaker” to create a membership site with ease.

8. Create a private forum:

This can be the second alternative to create a paid membership site. With the help of forums, you can help your audience to find all sorts of solutions to their needs.

Forums are the great platforms for learners and experts. A large part of your audience may like to take membership to express their views through your forum. WordPress will help you to set up a forum website by providing numerous plugins such as “bbPress”, “BuddyPress” and “CM answers”.

9. Setup a paid business directory:

WordPress provides numerous plugins like “Business Directory Plugin”, “Connections Plugin” and more to create a paid business directory. Directories are the platform gathering local business reviews, podcasting, and product listing of required niche.

Local or niche directories are extremely helpful in terms of getting traffic. This is why lots of digital marketers can approach you to pay the required subscription fee for directory submissions.

10. Create a paid job submission site with WordPress:

WordPress also offers numerous plugins such as “WP Job Manager” to set up a paid job submission sites. Companies can advertise their job vacancies from such kind of web portals and happy to pay the required subscription amount.

With WordPress, it’s now easier to create a successful job board. You will soon become a go-to site for the job seekers as well as recruiters. ProBlogger for an instance is the most prominent site for their job board for professional bloggers.

11. Create an event calendar with WordPress:

WordPress also offers plugins such as “All in One Event Calendar”, “MyCalender”, “SimpleCalender” and more to create event calendars to monetize local or industry niche websites.

Lots of event organizers are ready to pay a subscription fee for advertising events of the local city, conferences, webinars and many live streaming events. If you would not like to have paid job submission site, you may try this way to earn with WordPress.

12. Sell Ebooks on WordPress:

Ebooks are great choices to create digital products. WordPress allows you to install numerous helpful plugins like “WooCommerce”, “Easy Digital Downloads” and many more to sell your ebooks on WordPress sites. All these plugins are relatively easy to use to set up your own online store.

Check these best blogging tools that will help you in optimizing your WordPress site.


These are the proven ways to make money online using your WordPress blog. Though you have to work hard to start making money using the above methods.

If you are a blogger and know any other strategy to earn online then please let our readers know it by commenting below.

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