25 Ways to Increase Website Traffic in 2021

Either it is a physical store in your nearby street or it is some online store, one thing which they all share in common is their need for more customers.

However, if we talk about this in more of a technical way i.e. digital marketing way, the need for the customers could be considered as better conversions like request directions, phone calls, website visits, and obviously the revenue.

However, to achieve all these goals, it is very necessary to aim for the right tactics that can help you gather the relevant website traffic helping you foster your business goals. Today, we will be talking about 25 ways to increase website traffic helping your business stand tall in 2021.

If you want to find an excellent way to find quick customers, the first move which you can take is aiming for paid and social media advertising. This can help you build your brand by targeting only the keywords which are having a commercial intent.

However, you may end up facing expensive bids for the keywords but having an expert perspective while targeting ads can help you attain your desired goals.

Social Presence

Only great content on the website cannot drive sales and therefore, you have to show a bit more dedication targeting the social media channels promoting the content.

If you are a product-oriented business, you can go for image-based targeting through Instagram or Pinterest. However, if you are more of a service-oriented company, you can simply prefer to promote links on twitter.

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Approach Different Readers

If you want a perfect blend of conversions with your website, it is very significant that you should aim for multiple types of readers.

For instance, it can never always be some readers who are keen for lengthy content as there can be some who prefer more to engage with short and brief content or maybe stuff like videos, infographics, etc.

Catchy Headlines

If we talk about the most important part of content then it is undoubtedly the headlines. Either it is your blog or website, your content needs to contain headlines that are compelling.

This may need you to gain mastery on the headlines as you should only put those words on display which have the potential to catch the user’s attention.

On-page Focus

Another important factor that can help your website be the leading face of the niche on the web in your area is working on SEO. This means you should aim to optimize your website for SEO.

Some of the significant on-page practices you can target by adding alt text, internal links, meta description, etc. and working on them could help you boost traffic with visible results.

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Long Tail Keywords

If you need to cover high intent keywords that are popular as well as relevant to your business, you can simply approach long tail keywords.

However, you should also ensure the right use of long-tail keywords in your ad campaigns as well to avoid missing out opportunities.

Also, you can plan your keywords for taking down maximum competition using tools like Google keyword planner which is free while there are paid options like Ahrefs.

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Guest Blogs

One more powerful tool which you can use to gain extensive traffic is to work on guest blogs. All you need to do is reach for a reputed and high authority website for guest blogging.

This can help you gain strong links for your website increasing your brand value and ultimately the traffic. But guest blogging needs to be done with care preventing links from websites that are spammy or irrelevant to your business.

Invite Links

Guest blogging is not just a one-way road. It needs you to be welcoming for all the links you may get from inviting people to post on your website.

But if you are active with guest blogging on your website, make sure you only publish the content which is original and effective to serve the user interests.

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Referral Traffic

Though you may be engaged long since in persuading the websites for sharing a link, another good technique to work is reach for content that is approached for linking.

For instance, if you share good information on some strong websites like yelp, chances are high that you start to get loads of traffic from referral sources.


Linkedin has come a long way just being a platform for job search. It is actually the biggest platform for professionals where content can be posted. This will not only help your website to gain traffic but also improving your profile with better followings and connections.

Schema Markup

Though implementing the schema markup on your website cannot help you gain instant traffic, it makes it easier for search bots to crawl through your web page for faster indexing.

In case you get lucky, the schema on your website can also boost click-through rates through rich snippets on the search engine.

Internal Links

Most people have the idea that the total number of high-quality links for your website is something that can affect your website’s reputation.

However, it is also the internal link structure on your website paving way for opportunities within your website serving a more refined user experience.

Publish Interviews

The Internet is full of people who are experts and are ready to share their knowledge or experiences. However, you can always dig for such opportunities reaching people for interviews in order to publish such interviews on your website.

Email Marketing

Even though content marketing has emerged to be a great platform for improving your reach, an influencing traditional marketing method that most businesses forget to work is email marketing.

All you have to aim is work on moderate marketing sharing the latest news and suggestions to the users about your products. This will help you unlock loads of traffic for your website creating a potential environment for your business that runs through word of mouth.

Responsive Website

Gone are the days when people used to reach for desktops or laptops in order to reach a website. People these days prefer to use mobile devices for browsing through any website. Therefore, it is entirely on you to create a website that runs smoothly on mobile devices and easy to access over a range of devices.

Website Speed

Think of a situation when you encountered a website that keeps on showing the loading symbol? Have you ever waited for more than 10 seconds for the website to load?

Therefore, if you have a website that is not loading properly or taking more than 10 seconds to load, you are actually investing in a huge bounce rate. This means you have to aim for optimizing your website for images, files, and page structure for faster loading of the website.

Moreover, you can take benefit of tools like Google page speed insights to work on the speed goals of your website.

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Site Community

Another great way to seek the right exposure for your website is to build a community on your website. This can be achieved with the help of impact platforms like Facebook where you can use third-party solutions or creating forums for open-ended conversations that can benefit your business.

Take Benefit of Comments

If you are a business enthusiast who keeps on finding and reading industry-relevant content, you can take the benefit of comments for boosting your website traffic. Even if it does not help you with the results right away, it is a great way to create your name for better engagement.

Analytics Data

If you are looking for a potential source of information that can help you with the most popular pages on your website along with local demographics, there can be nothing better than using analytics.

You can use analytics to gather the visitor data finding the pages which are receiving maximum interest in order to promote your website for those pages landing at the top of search results and get improved traffic.

Social Media

Another great way to improve your website traffic is by targeting social media websites. This means you can either reach for Facebook to join communities or you can simply work on relevant hashtags on Twitter to engage more readers and obviously turning them into potential customers.

Data Aggregators

Data aggregators are perfect tools to boost the online presence of your website, make sure you never indulge in any kind of spam when it comes to referral traffic. Therefore, you should only prefer to enroll the audience with informational links and keeping away from legitimate links.

Video Marketing

Content is king but it is never necessary that it should be text. Though text can be good with sharing information, you should also invest your time in creating interactive visuals that can improve engagement and ultimately the traffic.

Take Competitive Advantage

If you have not taken any move to find what your competitors are doing, you are at a huge loss. If you want your website to capture maximum user attention in your niche, make sure you spend some time to spy on your competitors improving your situation on the web. Tools like BuzzSumo can be quite effective with such practices.


People all around the world are curious to learn and if you want to help people in return for some good online fortune, make sure you plan for webinars. You can build curiosity and engagement with the use of email outreach or reminder on social media in order to get a maximum gathering with webinars.

Seek Engagement Conferences

Every city or state has a special convention or conference which is industry-specific and if you are in need of some good traffic for your website, you must reach these events. It can help you present yourself as a thought leader and get the perfect exposure for your business.

The Closing Words

Even if you have designed and established a great website for your business, it is of no benefit to your conversions if you lack relevant traffic. However, if you want to see some strong gains in traffic with your website, now you have 25 of the most effective tips that can help you create massive traffic for your website.

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