Top 10+ Best SEO Blogs to Read and Follow in 2024

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Whether you are a new or an SEO expert, you have to keep updated with the latest SEO strategies and trends. SEO strategies are changing constantly. If any strategy worked a year ago then maybe it won’t work today and a strategy that is working very well today then it is possible that it won’t work after one or two years.

Today, search engines have become more powerful than before, and for that reason getting backlinks only is not important to rank higher on search engine result pages. There are more factors like organic CTR, page authority, page speed, localization, voice assistants, and much more that play bigger roles.

So to know what will work today to get on top of SERP, you need to read the SEO blogs that provide the latest SEO techniques and tricks.

Here, we at WPressBLog have listed the best SEO blogs that provide the latest and easy SEO tutorials that help both beginner and expert SEO persons to keep their websites on top of SERP.

List of Top 10 Best SEO Blogs for 2024

1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs Blog
  • Founded in: 2010
  • Founder: Dmitry Gerasimenko
  • Domain Authority: 84/100
  • Domain Rating: 91/100
  • Monthly Traffic (According to Similarweb): 8.77M
  • Follow Ahrefs on Twitter (113.6K Followers)

Ahrefs is one of the most popular SEO blogs in the marketing industry. This blog covers all the marketing topics like on-page SEO, technical SEO, keyword research, link building, local SEO, content marketing, affiliate marketing, paid marketing, and video marketing. Whether you are a beginner or an SEO expert, the Ahrefs blog is the best suitable for everyone.

Ahrefs is not only an SEO blog but it is a complete SEO toolkit. This tool is available in the premium version but few of the features are available for free with limitations like backlink checker, website authority checker, keyword rank checker, broken link checker, and SERP checker.

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2. Semrush

Semrush Blog
  • Founded in: 2008
  • Founder: Dmitri Melnikov & Oleg Schegolev
  • Domain Authority: 86/100
  • Domain Rating: 91/100
  • Monthly Traffic (According to Similarweb): 11.48M
  • Follow Semrush on Twitter (211.6K Followers)

Semrush is well known for its SEM toolkit. But apart from this toolkit, the Semrush blog publishes useful SEO articles for both beginners and experts. These articles cover all the topics from basic SEO to advanced SEO, content marketing, and paid marketing.

Like Ahrefs, Semrush also offers access to free SEO tools with few limitations. If you want to increase your website rank on any search engine then Semrush is a very useful tool. It is suitable for everyone whether you are a blogger, small business owner, marketing agency, or run an enterprise-level business.

You can also get a free Semrush trial for 14 days from here.

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3. Moz

Moz Blog
  • Founded in: 1998
  • Founder: Rand Fishkin
  • Domain Authority: 91/100
  • Domain Rating: 91/100
  • Monthly Traffic (According to Similarweb): 2.03M
  • Follow Moz on Twitter (570.1K Followers)

Moz is the oldest and most popular SEO blog on the web. It is not only the best SEO blog but it has the largest SEO community and powerful SEO tools. Like Semrush and Ahrefs, Moz also offers free SEO tools with limited access to its features.

The articles on beginners guide in Moz blog are the most read articles on the web. You can use their forum support to increase your website authority and ranking by getting their premium membership. With their premium membership, you can also use their premium SEO tools like Keyword research, backlink analysis, competitor analysis, on-page SEO, technical SEO, and many more.

4. Neil Patel

Neil Patel Blog
  • Founded in: 1997
  • Founder: Neil Patel
  • Domain Authority: 89/100
  • Domain Rating: 91/100
  • Monthly Traffic (According to Similarweb): 5.38M
  • Follow Neil Patel on Twitter (437.4K Followers)

If you are in the SEO field then you must have heard the name “Neil Patel”. He is the most popular marketing person and was recognized as a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 30 by President Obama and one of the top marketing influencers recognized by Forbes.

He shares his marketing strategies through his blogs, shares awesome video tutorials on YouTube, gives seminars, and attends events worldwide to grow their online businesses.

His blog provides insightful information that contains the latest SEO strategies that work today. Also, more than 8000+ articles have been published till this date in his blog. So if you want to learn everything about blogging, SEO, and content marketing then you should start following his blog right now.

5. Backlinko

Backlinko Blog
  • Founded in: 2011
  • Founder: Brian Dean
  • Domain Authority: 70/100
  • Domain Rating: 90/100
  • Monthly Traffic (According to Similarweb): 1.12M
  • Follow Backlinko on Twitter (5.3K Followers)

If you are looking for proven SEO strategies then you must follow Brian Dean’s Backlinko blog. This is a single-author blog. He believes in quality over quantity and that’s why he has published only 196 blogs till today. His articles cover actionable SEO tricks and also case studies on SEO that are very helpful for all digital marketers.

6. Search Engine Watch

Search Engine Watch Blog
  • Founded in: 1998
  • Founder: Danny Sullivan
  • Domain Authority: 86/100
  • Domain Rating: 88/100
  • Monthly Traffic (According to Similarweb): 175.97K
  • Follow Search Engine Watch on Twitter (214.3K Followers)

Search Engine Watch is one of the oldest and multi-author SEO blogs. If you want to be updated with the latest SEO trends then you should follow SEW. SEW publishes articles regularly on SEO updates so you can make the strategies for your blogs according to them.

7. Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land Blog
  • Founded in: 2006
  • Founder: Danny Sullivan
  • Domain Authority: 91/100
  • Domain Rating: 91/100
  • Monthly Traffic (According to Similarweb): 902.12K
  • Follow Search Engine Land on Twitter (480.6K Followers)

Search Engine Land was founded by Danny Sullivan after leaving Search Engine Watch. Like SEW, SEL is focused on the latest Google updates on Search Engine Optimization. This is one of the most trusted SEO blogs to keep an eye on Google updates. So if you want to be updated with the latest SEO techniques then start following SEL.

8. Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal Blog

Search Engine Journal is another popular SEO blog that shares the latest SEO techniques, Google Algorithm Updates, On-Page SEO, Link Building, International SEO, Paid Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, eCommerce Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Lead Generation, etc.

If you want to be a digital marketing expert and looking for a blog that offers the latest information on all types of marketing then you must follow SEJ.

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9. Cognitive SEO

Cognitive SEO Blog
  • Founded in: 2010
  • Founder: Razvan Gavrilas
  • Domain Authority: 54/100
  • Domain Rating: 77/100
  • Monthly Traffic (According to Similarweb): 144.14K
  • Follow Cognitive SEO on Twitter (11.3K Followers)

If you want to learn about case studies, SEO insights, and social insights then you should follow Cognitive SEO. In this blog you will get knowledge about advanced SEO techniques that will help you in getting higher rankings on search engines, increasing organic traffic in less time, removing Google penalties, and staying protected from it.

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10. Yoast

Yoast Blog
  • Founded in: 2000
  • Founder: Joost de Valk
  • Domain Authority: 83/100
  • Domain Rating: 90/100
  • Monthly Traffic (According to Similarweb): 1.68M
  • Follow Yoast on Twitter (112.9K Followers)

If you are a beginner and running a WordPress website then you might know about the Yoast SEO plugin. Apart from the Yoast SEO plugin, you will find the best WordPress SEO tutorial and tricks on the Yoast blog. Yoast provides SEO news, basic SEO tutorial for WordPress sites, SEO training, webinars, and Shopify SEO tips in its blog.

Following are the other recommended blogs for you to stay updated with the latest marketing trends:

11. Content Marketing Institute

Content Marketing Institute is a multi-author blog. If you want to stay updated with the latest content marketing techniques from content marketing experts worldwide then you should follow this blog.

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12. Search Engine Roundtable

Search Engine Roundtable is one of the best and most popular SEO news websites. This blog shares short-length articles but you will get proper information on your searched topic. So if you are looking for the best and most informative articles on Google updates, link building, and SEO techniques then you should follow the Search Engine Roundtable blog.

Final Words

SEO strategies are changing constantly and being updated with the latest SEO techniques is necessary to keep your website on top of SERP. The above-mentioned top SEO blogs will help you in achieving this.

If there is any other useful SEO blog that needs to be listed here then you can let us know through comments or through email.

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