WPX Hosting Review 2020: Is It Fastest WordPress Hosting Provider?

Are you looking for an honest WPX Hosting review? Then don’t worry you are at the right place and here you will get to know all the details about WPX hosting.

So, you are interested to know about WPX Hosting review because you are planning to host your website on WPX hosting. For the online success of any business, you must have a fast loading website. Do you know why? I will let you know why a fast loading website is necessary for online success here.

Why you must have the fastest loading website?

According to me, to run a business online, a fast website is required. If your website loads very slowly then a user will close it without waiting any more and switch to another website and will not come back. Also, users will share a bad experience with others. Finally, the rank of your website goes down on search engines like Google. And thus a slow loading website becomes the reason for the failure of any online business. Therefore you must need a fast loading website for your business.

As now you know how fast loading websites can make a huge difference in online success so you will need some hosting provider as a one-stop solution and you can decide on this by reading the WPX hosting review below.

WPX Hosting Review 2020

WPX hosting is a high-performance website hosting solution for WordPress websites. WPX Hosting was launched in the year 2013 by Terry Kyle. It has three main objectives-

  • Superior page loading speed
  • 24/7/365 customer support
  • Accessible, fast, easy and simple

What makes WPX hosting unique?

WPX hosting is one of the top managed WordPress hosting providers that can load a website in milliseconds. It has many other features which make it different from other WordPress hosting providers such as:

Website Backups:

WPX hosting provides daily website backup. These backups are stored on a separate server so that there no option to loss users’ data. They are kept there for 14 days.

Free WordPress Website Migration Service:

Migration from current host to WPX hosting account is free with moving of associated Emails as well.

Email Services:

All the plans come with Email services offered by WPX hosting. So, you have a chance to send and receive emails through the Email address associated with the website domain name.

User-Friendly Dashboard:

The dashboard of WPX hosting is very easy and simple to use.

Above mentioned features make WPX hosting different from other hosts. So, by going through its unique features, you know why WPX hosting is better than other hosts.

Now, as you know what WPX hosting is all about and about its uniqueness too, so now I would like to share my experience of using WPX hosting with you all.

In this WPX hosting review I will let you know hosting plans, pricing, speed, performance, data centers, security, customer support, and its pros and cons.

WPX hosting Plans and Pricing

WPX Hosting gives you a range of hosting plans and price; this is one of the reasons I was attracted to it. They give hosting plans on a monthly and yearly basis. As you can see below in the image that these are some of the most popular plans which they offer you along with many other benefits free.

WPX Hosting Plans and Pricing

WPX Hosting offers three WordPress hosting plans: Business, Professional, and Elite.

All these three plans have the following features:

  • High Speed
  • Custom Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Unlimited Website MigrationsUnlimited 24/7 Fast-Response Support
  • Email Accounts
  • Unlimited SSLs
  • Manual Backups
  • DDoS Protection
  • Malware Scanning & Removal
  • HTTPS/2
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • 28 Day Automatic Backups
  • 99.95% Uptime Guarantee
  • 1-Click WordPress Installations
  • USA & UK Hosting Locations

These are some free services offered by WPX Hosting for their customers. They provide hosting plans which you would not like to say NO if you compare it with other hosting providers.

Speed and Performance

WPX Hosting gives you a management dashboard that is easy and simple to use compared to other hosts which have a complex and time-consuming dashboard.

The management dashboard of WPX hosting is fast and gives you an instant response as I am sure they are designed for large sites.

I can say this because while using it I have seen how easily they perform under pressure of large ecommerce sites. It deals with heavy traffic and is capable of handling any traffic upsurge on sites without affecting the performance of the website.

You can also check our website speed as it is hosted on WPX Hosting. Below are the screenshots taken from different speed test tools.

Speed Test from Pingdom Tool
WPX Hosting Speed Test using PageSpeed Insights Tool
Speed Test from PageSpeed Insights Tool
WPX Hosting Speed Test using GTMetrix
Speed Test from GTMetrx Tool

Data Centers

WPX hosting has two data centers. One data center is located in the UK- London and the other is located in the US- Chicago. Both data centers provide you faster speed and better service integrity.


If you talk about security to me, it is at the top of the list and has a great preference for me. WPX hosting offers SSL certificates through google sponsorship for free. It is a value-added service by WPX hosting.

Visitors like the trustworthiness of the site. A site should be trustworthy, professional and reliable. SSL maintains authentication of the accessed website and protection of privacy and integrity of the exchanged data. Hence, SSL helps in secure communication with another network.

Before using this feature of WPX hosting I had thought it’s going to be a very time consuming and hectic task but to my surprise, it is super fast. SSL activation requires only a few clicks after which, it will be automatically installed and becomes active in just 10 seconds. It is also hassle-free as it does not require any forms to be filled. So, click, click, click and you are done with security activation.

Customer Support

There are many features or things which we are unable to understand on our own and we need help to understand it. The customer support team of WPX hosting has secured good points when it comes to customer support. My experience of customer support of the last host was very bad and time-consuming, this is what I deal with and which compel me to migrate from it to WPX hosting.

An experience I faced with my previous host customer support:

  • It took me approx. 45 mins to reach to live chat.
  • After I managed to reach live chat it was difficult to explain the exact problem and it took another one hour.
  • After that, my problem was transferred to the next level, by giving a ticket.
  • The next level took more time to reverting back and after spending so much time my problem was as it is and still, I was struggling to resolve the issue which was affecting my website.

An experience I come across with WPX hosting customer support:

  • As soon as I encounter a problem on my website, I got a support ticket.
  • After getting a support ticket, within 10-15 mins I got a response from the support team assured me that they are working on my issue.
  • In the next 15-30 mins, my issue was resolved and I also got a notification.
  • WPX hosting customer team was fast to respond and easy to deal with than other hosts.

Pros and Cons of WPX Hosting

There is always something good and something bad about every host. Though WPX hosting has many good features, it also has some drawbacks.

Pros of WPX hosting:

  • Great performance with high speed
  • Fast support team.
  • Comparatively reasonable pricing plan.
  • Good at traffic handling.
  • Simple and easy database.
  • It offers anti-spam and virus filtering services.

Cons of WPX hosting:

Personally, I don’t see any major cons but if you are a new blogger and your budget is too tight then I might say that WPX hosting is not for you as you may find it a bit overpriced.

But if you want great performance and unique time-saving features like- automatic backups, staging, etc. then it is worth to pay for it.

WPX Hosting Discounts

WPX Hosting offers a 50% discount to our blog reader. To get this benefit, click on the below link then use coupon code “WPRESSBLOG”. You can also get a 95% discount on black friday sale. For more information on how to use coupon code, you can read our WPX Hosting coupon code article.

WPX Hosting Alternatives

As an alternative to WPX hosting, you can go for WP Engine, Kinsta, Pressable or Pressidium.

Check here a detailed comparison of WPX Hosting with WP Engine, Kinsta, Bluehost, and SiteGround hosting.


According to my experience, I can say that if you are using WPX hosting you will not deal with any major issues and if in case any issue arises then WPX hosting can deal with it efficiently.

  • Firstly, I love it when my website page is loaded in no time for many visitors.
  • Migration from current host to WPX hosting is super easy and fast and transparent.
  • They update you from time to time with their work and whatever they do.
  • They provide many features to keep your site safe and also save your time.
  • Give you more resources and care for their customers.
  • Their customer support response is fast and handles any issue.

Therefore, as a customer, I can say that WPX hosting is high quality web hosting service and if you are looking for something which is affordable, fast and performs great then you should check out WPX hosting.

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If you are looking for the affordable WordPress hosting provider with quality services and features then WPX is best for you.

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    WPX Team

    1. They have main two data centers: 1. USA and 2. UK. But they offer their own WPX CDN services free of cost that will load your website quickly. By using WPX CDN, your website will load within 1 second. You can check our own website speed which is hosted on WPX Hosting. (See screenshots added in the article)

      For storage, they offer 10GB, 20GB, and 40GB to their Business, Professional and Elite Hosting plans respectively.

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