Bluehost vs SiteGround 2020: Which Is The Best Web Hosting Provider?

Bluehost and SiteGround both are the fierce competitors in the world of web hosting service providers. You will surely confused about which is the best hosting provider, SiteGround or Bluehost?

Thus, after a long time research work and utilizing both web host’s services, WPressBlog has pointed out the following facts to declare the best hosting provider in 2020.

Bluehost vs SiteGround

In Bluehost vs Siteground comparison, you will find the best hosting provider in all the terms like features, speed and performance, website security, uptime, customer support, and pricing.

Here’s the overview of the complete Bluehost and SiteGround hosting comparison to make a faster decision in choosing the best hosting company.

Bluehost vs SiteGround 2020 Overview

Ease of useBestGood
Data Centers41
Customer SupportBestGood
Free DomainNoYes
Free SSLYesYes
Customer ReviewsGoodBad
ConclusionIf you need a quality
hosting then
SiteGround is better
than Bluehost.
If you need a lot of
web space than you
can choose Bluehost.
Get SiteGroundGet Bluehost

Bluehost and SiteGround Hosting Services

Bluehost ServicesSiteGround Services
Domain NameDomain Name
Shared HostingWeb Hosting
WordPress HostingWordPress Hosting
Dedicated HostingDedicated Servers
WooCommerce HostingWooCommerce Hosting
Reseller hostingReseller hosting
VPS HostingCloud Hosting
Enterprise Hosting
Student Hosting

Comparison of Shared Web Hosting

SiteGround offers three web hosting plans: StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek. Their costs are $3.95/mo, $5.95/mo, and $11.95/mo respectively.

Bluehost offers four shared hosting plans: Basic, Plus, Choice Plus, and Pro. Their pricing is $3.95/mo, $5.95/mo, $5.95/mo and $13.95/mo respectively.

  • In SiteGround, you will have limited web space while in Bluehost, you will have unlimited storage space.
  • A free SSL certificate is provided in both SiteGround and Bluehost hosting.
  • Bluehost and SiteGround shared hosting prices are nearly the same for only new users. At the time of hosting renewal, SiteGround shared hosting price becomes higher than the Bluehost shared hosting price.

Comparison of WordPress Hosting

More than 25% of websites are powered by WordPress. Hence WordPress hosting is also a competitive factor to choose the best web hosting provider.

  • SiteGround offers WordPress web hosting at the starting price of $3.95 per month with 10 GB web space and up to 10K visits monthly. On the other hand, Bluehost offers WordPress hosting with a starting price of $3.95 per month with a free domain and SSL certificate.
  • SiteGround offers 10GB -30GB Disk Space for WordPress hosting whereas Bluehost provides their customer with Unlimited Disk Space for WordPress hosting plan.
  • SiteGround includes managed WordPress hosting in terms of cost and control. On the other hand, Bluehost offers managed WordPress hosting with the entire focus on simplicity and speed and easy to navigate user interface.

Speed Test Comparison

SiteGround offers the free Cloudflare content delivery network with all speed and security features. Whereas Bluehost also provides the content delivery network to route your sites’ traffic through a global network.

SiteGround offers the latest HTTP/2 enabled servers to signify the speed up the loading time of the website. On the other hand, Bluehost doesn’t offer HTTP/2 enabled servers but they are offering free SSL certificate.

It is very clear that when it comes to speed, SiteGround is definitely the winner.


Although both the web hosting companies guarantee to offer 99.99% uptime, still after complete research and thorough study from the user experience, it is found that BlueHost gives less than 98% uptime. SiteGround, on the other hand, was consistently up during the last year offering more than 99.99% uptime

Data Center Locations

SiteGround has 4 data centers which are located in the USA, Uk, New Zealand, and Singapore.

Bluehost has 1 data center in Provo, Utah.

Website Transfer

SiteGround provides free website migration service to its customers. You need to post a support ticket to activate the free website migration promotion.

While BlueHost offers a website transfer service for up to 5 sites and 20 emails at the cost of $149.99.

Security Comparison

Latest security features are the primary demand of all business owners when they buy hosting from any web host. Whether you have a simple blog or e-commerce website, security features must be there to avoid hacking of website data.

After a long comparative study, we come through these points which separate both the web host.

  • SiteGround offers daily backups for free. They focus on the two: creating backups with minimal resources utilization and fast restoring. On the other hand, Bluehost allows daily, weekly and monthly backups but not guaranteed. It offers the Site Backup Pro add-on.
  • SiteGround provides fully featured DDOS protection including hardware firewall filtering, limiting of remote connections at a time, to check the number of failed logins from the host, and many more. BlueHost also offers DDOS protection but unable to offer features like SiteGround. It offers the SiteLock add-on to avoid DDOS attacks with extra cost.

SiteGround is definitely more secure than Bluehost. Check the following video on how SiteGround keeps your website safe from hackers.

Customer Support and Service

Providing a quality customer service is the primary need of all web hosts. It’s very clear that the requirement of tech support remains with 24/7 hours and from all over the globe.

  • SiteGround and Bluehost both offer friendly customer support but in terms of fast response, they differ from each other.
  • SiteGround provides customer support through a phone call, chat and support whereas Bluehost also provides support through phone, chat, and tickets. Bluehost has dedicated customer support numbers for all the services. You can see all the contact numbers on their website. The main USA toll-free number for Bluehost support is (888) 401-4678.
  • SiteGround takes no time to respond to their customers through phone and chat and takes maximum 10 minutes through tickets. On the other hand, Bluehost takes sometimes more time to respond to their customers compared to SiteGround support.

SiteGround and Bluehost users’ thoughts

Here you can see what Bluehost and SiteGround users are facing problems and what are their thoughts through social media networks.

Bluehost Customers:

Bluehost customer support

SiteGround customer support:

SiteGround customer support

A Facebook poll that will let you know about the best hosting provider from the users.

Bluehost vs SiteGround Which is the best hosting provider

Click here to check 2017′ Facebook poll and click here to check 2018′ Facebook poll.

SiteGround vs Bluehost Price Comparison

Hosting PlansSiteGround
(Price for
New Users)
(Price for
New Users)
(Price at
(Price at
Shared Starter Plan$3.95/mo.$3.95/mo*$11.95/mo.$7.99
Shared Middle Plan$5.95/mo.$5.95/mo*$19.95/mo.$14.99
Shared Top Plan$11.95/mo.$13.95/mo*$34.95/mo.$23.99
Starter Plan
Middle Plan
Top Plan
Starter Plan
Middle Plan
Top Plan
Starter Plan
Middle Plan
Top Plan

In the above table, you can clearly see that Bluehost hosting plan pricing are cheaper than SiteGround. But it is also a fact that SiteGround has more hosting features and provide quality services to their customer.

Which is better, SiteGround or Bluehost?

SiteGround and Bluehost both have different features at some level so I have listed some cases for you which will help you in choosing the best hosting provider for your website.

When to choose Bluehost hosting:

  • If you want a cheap hosting provider or you don’t have enough budget.
  • If you want to upload too many had images or need high disk space for your website. It is possible in case of creating an ecommerce website, fashion website or any website which requires a lot of images and webspace.

When to choose SiteGround hosting:

  • If you want a quality hosting provider.
  • If you want a fast and secure web hosting.
  • You are ready to pay more or you have enough budget.
  • If you don’t require high web space for your website. Most of all professional websites don’t require high disk space.
  • If you want to host a website that requires high disk space then you have to choose a higher hosting plan otherwise you can check the SiteGround alternatives.

In short, if you want to start a website that needs a lot of web space then you can choose Bluehost otherwise SiteGround is the best.


After checking all the comparison, it is clear that SiteGround is the best hosting provider than Bluehost.

Thanks for reading our article. If you have any question regarding Bluehost vs SiteGround hosting comparison, you can let us know it by simply commenting in below comment section.

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