How to Get Discount on Kinsta Hosting in 2023?

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Kinsta is really a fantastic premium WordPress hosting provider. Kinsta is a renowned Google cloud-based web hosting company. They offer a handful of features and amazing support to their customers. Users can choose any plan of Kinsta hosting as per their requirements and budget.

If you are here to know how to get Kinsta coupon codes to get a discount on their web hosting plan, you will go wrong. The reason is that Kinsta never provides any coupons or promo codes to their users. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t save money on Kinsta. Even, you can get 2 months of free hosting with Kinsta hosting.


  • If you buy hosting on a yearly basis then the price will be $29.16 per month for the starter plan.
  • You will get free website migrations and a hack-fix guarantee with all plans.

Now We are here to walk you through how to get 2 months of free hosting on Kinsta

If you buy hosting on a yearly basis, you will get a great discount on each hosting plan. For instance, the Starter plan allows you to save up to $70 on a 1-year subscription. An annual subscription for the Pro plan allows you to save $140 and so on. You can save up to $3300 in the annual subscription for Enterprise hosting plans.

Kinsta Hosting Plans

Starter: $35/mo
($29.16/mo if paid yearly)
Pro: $70/mo
($58.33/mo if paid yearly)
Business 1: $115/mo
($95.83/mo if paid yearly)
Enterprise 1: $675/mo
($562.5/mo if paid yearly)
1 WP Website
25k Visits
10 GB SSD Storage
2 WP Websites
50k Visits
20 GB SSD Storage
5 WP Websites
100k Visits
30 GB SSD Storage
60 WP Websites
1000k Visits
100 GB SSD Storage

Why Kinsta doesn’t offer coupon codes?

Kinsta Coupon Code

Kinsta aims to offer quality services without any false and hidden statements. They charge merely for their quality services and hence they don’t believe in promo codes or coupons like other competitors.

Kinsta web hosting charges are always in the budget. Also, their hosting plans are appropriate for all business scales. For startup businesses, Kinsta offers a Starter plan at just a starting price of $35. With an annual subscription, you can save up to a minimum of $70 and two months of free hosting on Kinsta.

If you compare Kinsta with other web hosts like the WP engine, you will find Kinsta, a more affordable web host. Therefore, Kinsta believes in quality services rather than a marketing ploy.

Additionally, coupons may cause the generation of issues like spamming on search engine result pages. It becomes hectic to control the quality measures if you go down in ranking. Unlike other web hosts, they take their brand and reputation very serious manner.

Therefore, millions of website owners and newcomers are placing their sites on Kinsta servers. Also, more often, coupon codes and discounts may or may not be quite accurate or updated which causes lots of frustration for customers.

Exceptionally, Kinsta offers holiday promotions. They temporarily offer discounts on Black Friday and other holidays.

Why Kinsta doesn’t allow promo codes to their affiliate?

Kinsta web hosts do not allow their affiliates to use coupon codes due to the below circumstances:

  • Some affiliates represent false discount offers and non-existing coupon codes to attract visitors to each commission. This may cause to spoil the spirit of Kinsta and frustrate the customers.
  • Some affiliates use their affiliate links on coupon sites. Kinsta doesn’t allow its affiliates to spread such kind of misleading information under any circumstances.

These are the key points why Kinsta prohibits the use of coupon codes in their affiliate program. All these points are not for discouraging affiliate marketers. Even, they may earn a high affiliate commission each month from their recurring commission model.

As an affiliate, if you honestly show your readers, the quality of service and support of Kinsta web hosts, undoubtedly, you can earn good and passive affiliate income.


By reading this blog post, surely you have come to know that Kinsta doesn’t offer any promo codes or coupon codes. Still, buyers are benefitted by getting 2 months of free hosting on each annual hosting plan on Kinsta. For the latest Kinsta updates, you can check their Facebook and Twitter pages.

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