WP Engine Coupon Code 2019 [Special Discount + $2000 Themes + CDN]

Are you looking for a WP Engine coupon code 2019? You are at the right place. You will find here the maximum available WP Engine discount code.

WP Engine is the best managed WordPress hosting company with high reliability, speed, customer service, security, and many other essential and advanced features.  Use our WP Engine coupon code and save from $93 to $783 on Startup, Growth, and Scale hosting plans.

You can get up to 20% off on the first purchase of hosting plan or 3 months free (special) on ordering a full year hosting plan from WP engine. Go with anyone according to your need and requirements and save $$$ from your pocket.

Here you will find a special discount deal and promo code for WPressBlog readers only all the three plans. Let’s check them out now.

WP Engine Coupon Code

WPEngine Coupon Code and Promo Code 2019

WP Engine Startup Plan Coupon Code

If you buy WP Engine’s startup plan using our discounted deal then you will get 3 months free (it will save your $93). To get this offer, use our following discounted offers.

Regular PriceOur PriceOur Discounted Link
$35/mo$31/moGet This Offer
$350/yr$315/yrGet This Offer

WP Engine Growth Plan Coupon Code

With the Growth plan, you will get 3 months free hosting (it will save your $309 for annum subscription). Get this offers now by using our following discounted offers.

Regular PriceOur PriceOur Discounted Link
$115/mo$103/moGet This Offer
$1150/yr$1035/yrGet This Offer

WP Engine Scale Plan Coupon Code

If you want to buy the Scale plan for a year then you will save $783 (3 months free hosting). Save $783 by using our discounted offers.

Regular PriceOur PriceOur Discounted Link
$290/mo$261/moGet This Offer
$2900/yr$2610/yrGet This Offer

Is WP Engine worth it? Is WP Engine any good? They charge a big monthly fee so they must be good right? In this video, you will be aware of the truth so watch the video before buying WP Engine hosting plan.

Why WP Engine Hosting?

WP Engine is one of the largest hosting companies which is specialized only in WordPress with variable hosting plans. They provide automatic daily backups of the WordPress plugins, and themes and hosting solutions for an agency, enterprise, SMB, marketers, and developers.

Features Of WP Engine

Backup & Recovery

Website owners always worry about website data. Because they think of the worst case of losing the website data. The hosting company will take offsite backups as that offer enterprise-level recovery that will route all the traffic to a standby server. In case, if there is any wrong at the primary data center.


WP Engine automatically processes minor security patches and tests major updates before any update available for customers. It also manages even complex threats of security like XML-RPC attacks, DDoS, and Brute force+ malicious injection.

WP Engine will fix it for free if your website is hacked up by any of the threats. It is the rarest case because it provides the most secure options than any other hosting services.

Scalable Hosting

Most of the shared website owners will rely on caching plugin to make the website run smoothly and quickly for visitors.

WP engine has the scalability from personal to enterprise-level will allow scaling your website as per requirement. In case your website has a hike in traffic they won’t even understand that hosting providing built-in catching. These hosting plans will perform a website faster than any other hosting platform.

Benefits of Using WP Engine Hosting Services:

Below are the benefits of using WP Engine hosting services.

Free Site Migration

Usually, some of the website hosting providers costs amount for migrating from a different hosting. But WP Engine does it for free of cost.

60 Days Money Back Guarantee

WP Engine offers a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with their services. Within two months you can test the platform, use the platform, still if you are not satisfied with the services. You can ask for a refund.

Customer Support

WP Engine hosting services are providing customer services all through the day. If you have any queries can call them and can clear all the doubts as they are experts in solving the issues.

Additional Features:

Live chat is also available from 8 AM to 8 PM CST. It has the staging capabilities that will allow creating a website for redesign or testing. CDN service is included in all the places except in the personal hosting plan.

WP Engine Hosting Plans

The variant WP Engine hosting plans are featured especially based on the needs of variant web hosting owners for building variant sizes of websites.

1. Startup Plan

The Startup plan allows you to host one website and up to 25k monthly visitors to your website. This plan has 10GB of local storage, and 50GB of Bandwidth per month. It comes with the Genesis Framework, 35+ studio press themes, transferable sites, Global CDN, automates SSL certificates, and many more.

2. Growth Plan

The growth plan allows you to host up to 5 websites and up to 100k visitors to your site. It has 20GB of local storage, 200GB of bandwidth per month, imported SSL certificate, 24/7 customer support, and all the features of the startup plan.

3. Scale Plan

In the scale plan, you can host up to 15 websites and allows up to 400k visitors to your site. It has 30GB of local storage, 400GB of bandwidth per month, and all the features of the growth plan.

4. Custom Plan

The custom plan allows you to host 25 websites and millions of visitors to your website. It is a dedicated cluster hosting type which has 100GB to 1TB local storage, 400GB+ bandwidth per month, and many other additional features.

Closing Words

For the highest performance of your website, you should go for WP Engine hosting. For the latest updates on WP Engine promo code or coupon codes, you can check their Facebook and Twitter pages. If you have queries related to the discount offers, get in touch with us through the comment section. We will get back to you at the earliest possible.

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If your website runs on WordPress and you have a high budget for hosting then WPengine is the best hosting provider for you.

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