WP Rocket Coupon Code 2019 + Features, Pricing and Alternatives

WP Rocket is one of the best WordPress caching plugins. Most caching plugins are free but WP Rocket is available as paid version only. The best thing is that the price of the WP Rocket plugin is really worth it.

Here we have shared WP Rocket coupon code 2019 for you so that you can get this plugin at the best price.

WP Rocket Coupon Code 2019

Use the following link to get the WP Rocket plugin with a 20% discounted price.

How to use WP Rocket Coupon Code?

WP Rocket Website
  • After opening the website, click on the pricing tab from the menu.
WP Rocket Pricing
  • After opening WP Rocket pricing, select the plan that you want to buy then click on the “Buy WP Rocket” button.
  • Now fill all the required account information.
Fill Account Information
  • After filling the information, you can make the payment using a credit card or PayPal.
WP Rocket Coupon Code

It’s done!

WP Rocket Plans and Pricing

WP Rocket offers three plans: Single, Plus, and Infinite

  • Single Plan: You can buy this plan if you want to use this plugin for only one website. You will get support and plugin updates for one year.
  • Plus Plan: In this plan, you can use install this plugin in three websites with one year of support and plugin update.
  • Infinite Plan: You can install WP Rocket plugin on unlimited websites with one year update and plugin support.

Benefits of WP Rocket Caching Plugin

Here, you will find all the WP Rocket features.

  • It is very quick and easy to set up the WP Rocket plugin. There is no programming knowledge required for set up.
  • When you activate WP Rocket, the page caching is starts working instantly.
  • The indexing process of your website will be improved.
  • Preload URLs from your sitemap even if you are using Yoast or All In One SEO plugin.
  • It will save bandwidth by GZIP compression, expires headers, etags.
  • Browser caching for faster loading of your web pages for returned users.
  • It will optimize your website database and improves website performance.
  • The Google font optimization will reduce the HTTP request that will increase your page speed.
  • Improves the GTMetrix score by removing the query string from CSS and JS files.
  • Enable lazy load for your website Images and videos so that it will load only when a user will scroll down your website.
  • Enables HTML, CSS and Javascript minification.
  • Defer Javascript Loading.
  • You can manage Cloudflare cache using the WP Rocket plugin.
  • It allows you to use CDN.
  • DNS Prefetching.
  • Multisite compatibility.
  • Ecommerce friendly.
  • Multilingual Compatibility.
  • You can import or export WP Rocket settings.

WP Rocket Alternatives

If you prefer to use free caching plugin than premium than you can use W3 Total Cache, WP Fastest Cache or WP Super Cache. But they will not work like WP Rocket plugin that’s why I recommend you to choose WP Rocket for your WordPress website.

Here you can find the difference between WP Rocket, WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, and Hyper Cache.

WP Rocket vs WP Super Cache vs W3 Total Cache vs Hyper Cache

Final Words

You have found here the WP Rocket coupon code, features, benefits, alternatives, and comparison between their alternatives. I hope you have liked our article.

WP Rocket coupon code
  • Caching
  • Easy to use
  • Performance


I recommend you to choose WP Rocket if you want to make your website super fast.

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