Why WordPress Hosting Is Better Than Shared Hosting For Bloggers

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Do you have a blog on WordPress or are you planning to start a WordPress blog soon? And is your blog on a shared hosting plan? Then let us clarify why WordPress Hosting is better than shared hosting for bloggers like you.

Let us first make sure you know the difference between the two types of hosting. When you share the physical space for your website or a blog on a physical server with many other users, you have shared hosting. Every user gets a part of the server to store their data. Sometimes hundreds of users share a single server. As far as shared hosting is concerned, they offer a variety of site builders in addition to WordPress site builders. This makes the resources allocated to WordPress sparse.

On the other hand, when the hosting services are optimized to host WordPress websites for better performance and security, WordPress Hosting is formed. In this type of platform, no other type of hosting is shared on the designated servers. In addition, some companies offer you the facility of managed WordPress hosting. This means that WordPress hosting is done on the servers of these companies and they also provide many features for facilitating the users.

Why WordPress Hosting Is Better Than Shared Hosting For Bloggers

WordPress Hosting is pricier than Shared Hosting. However, WordPress hosting has many advantages over shared hosting to justify the extra cost. In the case of bloggers, their failure or success is dependent on the performance of the host. Hence, the advantages of the WordPress host hold much weight for bloggers.

Let us look at the benefits of WordPress Hosting:

1. Speed

Speed is one of the most important factors to be considered while choosing a host. The lower loading speed of your website means you will be ranked lower on a search result of any search engine including Google. Search engines consider speed as one of the factors in ranking the search results. It has been observed that around 75% of the people do not go past the first page of the search result. Hence, it is imperative to rank your website as high as possible to increase the footprints of the viewers.

The number of views matters a lot for the success of your website. It is responsible for increasing the revenue from the website by increasing the number of views. The main benefit of WordPress hosting is the speed it provides over shared hosting.

In the case of shared hosting, if the traffic on the other site hosted with you is more, your website will load slowly. You are not guaranteed any resources when you opt for shared hosting. The network may face frequent downtime reducing the traffic on your website further.

WordPress hosting is dedicated to WordPress sites only. It is beneficial for your websites because all the other websites are also on the same platform. The loading speed will not depend on the traffic on other websites. Also, the downtime on a WordPress hosted site is very low.

If we talk about managed WordPress Hosting, it is even better than regular WordPress hosting. The loading time is much faster and the uptime is guaranteed by the host which is generally above 99%.

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2. Security

The security of your data and website is one more factor that is crucial to the hosting of a website. It is seen that the frequency of brute force attacks is increasing every day. In May 2020, the number of brute force attacks crossed 100,000 a day. Hence, it becomes critical to have a professional guide for your data and websites.

When you use shared hosting, you have to take care of your own security. Of course, you can buy extra security measures, but everything about security is to be handled by you. You will become more exposed to malware and brute-force attacks in this type of hosting.

On the other hand, when you opt for WordPress Hosting, you become comparatively more secure from these types of malicious attacks. Some plugins will provide you security and you do not have to worry about it again.

Additionally, when you host your site on managed WordPress, it becomes the duty of the host to protect against malicious attacks. They will generally have enterprise-level security for their clients. Also, they can avert any attack before it reaches your website and you will be safer than ever.

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3. Support

When you are just starting your website, you will be unaware of how things work. You will need support from somebody to set up everything for you. If you already have a website and it is generating more traffic than you expected, you will need somebody to guide you on how and where to migrate your host service provider.

In case you have shared hosting, you will have to handle everything yourself. Even if you are tech-savvy, it becomes a headache for you to manage so many different things at a time along with continuing your business. After your website grows it is next to impossible to continue on shared hosting.

Perhaps this is the reason why 38.5% of all websites on earth are hosted on WordPress. WordPress gives you substantial support for setting up and managing your website. There are huge resources available to you if you are stuck anywhere.

As far as managed WordPress host is concerned, customer support is their forte. These companies have WordPress experts hired to help you through any issues you face. Customer support is also available 24/7 so you can contact them anytime.

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4. WordPress Optimized Hosting

When you are hosting your website on WordPress but on a shared host, you will have many other people who will be sharing this host server with you. Your environment will not be optimized to accommodate WordPress exclusively. There will be other CMS’s data and websites as well. It is a huge mess at the end of the day.

On WordPress hosting, every plugin, every step is taken just for websites like you. All the measures are taken to curate your experience on WordPress. This makes it easier for you because you are just a few clicks away from doing anything you desire.

When you host on managed WordPress hosting platform, it is even easier and simpler for you. Features like staging areas, control panels, etc. are offered to help you with your website.

5. SSL Certificates

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certification has become unavoidable if you want to deal online. SSL certification assures your clients that your site is safe for making transactions. Most customers will not make transactions on your site if they do not see an SSL Certificate for your site.

Some of the shared hostings do not provide you a facility of SSL certificate. You have to apply and procure the required documents which will take days. You will have to communicate with the authority to have an SSL certificate.

When you have WordPress hosting the process becomes easier. In fact, when you have a managed WordPress host you will not have to do anything or spend a penny for SSL certification. The companies manage SSL certificates for your websites for free. Moreover, nothing is required of you. It is a one-click operation.

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6. Easy to Manage

It is not easy to manage your website and your business together. You will waste hours managing your site.

Shared hosting will not provide you any help with the management of your website. If you have more than one website, it will be an impossible task to juggle everything.

WordPress hosting will assist you to manage all your websites much easier and in an organized way. If you have managed a WordPress host, then you will get access to great facilities like cPanel or custom panels to manage all your websites from a single place. It might also help you to make management decisions by showing you visitors’ stats, billing, sales, payments, etc. in one place.

7. Additional Features

Shared hosting offers you some features for an extra payment. You can buy those for better management.

However, WordPress hosting and managed WordPress hosting offers features you did not even know you needed. Features to collaborate with clients and other agencies, thousands of themes and templates to create attractive and unique websites, educational resources, and many more are a part of managed WordPress hosting. These features will make your website from ordinary to special and that will bring you numerous benefits.

The need for extra plugins also vanishes when you have managed a WordPress host. They will give you facilities of caching, regular backups, security, performance enhancements, etc. with their plans.

8. Reselling your Website

What if you are not satisfied and you want to sell off your website? What about the investment you made to make the website what it is now? Shared hosting will not support you in your decision to sell your website.

On the contrary, there are millions of WordPress users around the globe. So it becomes easier to sell your website if you have hosted it on that platform.

A managed WordPress host will even help you to find a customer for your website on their site.

9. Easy to use Development Tools

Development tools are required if you are tech-savvy and want to design your own website or even if you want to make some changes to your existing website.

Shared hosting will not offer the use of any such development tools for your use. WordPress, on the other hand, has many tools if you want to build your own website. Managed WordPress hosts even provide special packages to developers to build their websites.


If you are just starting a website or a blog, Shared Hosting might sound attractive to you at first but remember, your goal is to grow and with shared hosting, it is not always possible to grow. WordPress hosting even if it looks pricey at first sight will prove to be much more beneficial to you in the long run. So our recommendation will be to have a WordPress Host for your blog.

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