VPS vs Dedicated Hosting – Everything You Need to Know

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Figuring out the best hosting provider is difficult but finalizing the right hosting plan can bring frustration to that. If you don’t know the difference between existing hosting options, it can be a reason for your annoying behavior while choosing a hosting plan. To overcome this confusion, we are going to discuss two more promising options for hosting, VPS and Dedicated.

Next comes the question of what is the difference between VPS and Dedicated hosting and what are the parameters make them in existence for websites. We will discuss it all in subsequent paragraphs but let’s start with the basic terms.

What Is VPS?

VPS is an abbreviation of a virtual private server. Generally, VPS is a virtual machine, which means it uses as a service and delivered by the internet hosting service. It is also familiar with the name called a virtual dedicated server (VDS).

VPS offers reliable hosting services as well as more secure & compatible solutions for your websites. This is the reason, it is used by multiple users. Therefore, it is more inexpensive than leasing an entire server. Usually, this sort of hosting is adopted by website owners who have medium-level traffic and cross the limit of shared hosting packages, and still don’t require the resources of a dedicated server.

The biggest advantage of VPS solutions is, it provides more than a hosting service. For effective business performance, it is very important to have more than one hosting plan.

Let’s Shed Some Light To Understand The Working Of VPS:

With the use of virtualization technology, your hosting provider fixes a virtual layer above the operating system. The virtual walls separate servers into different sections so that it is easy for a user to install their particular operating system (OS) and software.

The VPS is a genuine and private server because, on the OS level, it splits files according to the user’s requirements. With this action, your resources like disk space, CPU cores are secure and there is no need to share guaranteed resources with others.

Pros of VPS Hosting:

  • It is a quick hosting server along with reliable features as compared to any other hosting server.
  • The resources such as memory or processing are provided by the server and it is guaranteed that these resources function accurately as well as stay stable without any fluctuations.
  • Your website will not be affected if issues are generated on other server users. You can freely enjoy the longevity of your server.
  • With the VPS server, you will get superuser (root) access.
  • High privacy rate. Your important files and databases are saved from being hacked by other server users.
  • You can enjoy the update services because when your website grows, automatically, server resources such as CPU, RAM, and bandwidth will be refined.

Cons of VPS Hosting:

  • It is a more expensive server as compared to shared hosting.
  • In-depth technical knowledge is required to accurately manage the server.
  • Your security can be affected if configured servers inappropriately.

What Is Dedicated Hosting?

What is Dedicated Hosting

A dedicated hosting or dedicated server is the same thing. It is a kind of internet hosting in which the client rents or leases a whole server and its resources. Hence, the packages of dedicated hosting depend upon the type of hardware and resources you are selecting.

This hosting plan is perfect for WordPress websites with higher traffic.

Advantages Of Dedicated Hosting:

  • Secure: Dedicated is more reliable hosting as you have the full authority to select hardware, operating systems, etc according to your choice. In this case, you are not allowed to share a server with anyone else, therefore, a bunch of potential threats is eradicated. A striking example of this is, if any account has been hacked on shared hosting then automatically, all other accounts are being hacked but with dedicated hosting, this kind of risk is prohibited.
  • Flexible: Having a dedicated server means you can use it in any way. It gives you the flexibility to install new software or programs as well as eligible to change server configuration. In other words, your own server delivers you all the rights to control it in your style.
  • Resources: All the resources and connectivity will belong to your server only. No other participants are entertained with these parameters.
  • Better Performance: The server is the best performer as it can handle thousands of clients one day. With your own resources, you can enhance the performance of your website. Thus, a better outcome will be predicated on your work.
  • Storage Space: You have the opportunity to decide the disk space and RAM you require to meet customer’s needs. Furthermore, you are not supposed to pay any amount if you are not using any specific resource.

Disadvantages of Dedicated Hosting:

  • Huge investment: Dedicated hosting is much more expensive than other hosting plans. In order to accept the high performance, this cost is worth it. So it is very crucial to pre-decide the hosting plan according to the demand of your customers.
  • Usability: Technical knowledge is the basic demand if you want to put your hand on a dedicated server. If you are not experienced, it’s very hard to have a grip on this server. Only an ace individual is capable to install software, daily maintenance, and applicable to control other tasks. Hence, its usability is a little tricky.

Difference Between VPS And Dedicated Hosting

If you are a regular user of shared hosting, it is the right time to upgrade your hosting plan. Before we head to the difference between VPS and a dedicated server, let’s review some basic concepts that will further help you to understand the concept more clearly.

Virtually Private Hosting:

The VPS is similar to virtual reality, it’s like you have owned a small space to associate with others. VPS is parallel to shared hosting in which, the available resources are being shared by multiple websites. If you compare dedicated and VPS hosting then there is a difference in restrictions that are imposed on resources.

Additionally, the resource allocation is classified in such a way that one user cannot take benefit of another’s resources. A striking example of this is, if you own a flat, then you are not allowed to enter into another’s living room and vice-versa.

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Dedicated Hosting Completely Belongs To You:

A dedicated server is completely understandable by its name. It is wholly dedicated to serving your services. Basically, an empty server is offered to you and you can add whatever you want to.

A dedicated server contradicted a shared plan, in which you have no control over the server environment, and VPS, in which you have little control over your environment. So in this scenario, point a finger on the hardware through which you can fully control the software that is installed onto the server.

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Keen to study more about VPS and dedicated hosting, scroll down.

Comparable Features Of VPS And Dedicated Hosting


There is no doubt in the statement that VPS plans are cost-effective compared to dedicated servers. This is because when a host places multiple users on a single server; obvious they will charge a low price to each customer.

The low-ended dedicated server costs you a little more but if you go with Premium Dedicated server service, it is quite high as it offers high-class hardware with a powerful setup.


Undoubtedly, dedicated and VPS hosting are secure plans. The VPS hosting is secure whereas dedicated hosting delivers an upper level of protection, which means you are eligible to install any software according to your wish and no risk factor will exist. But in dedicated hosting, you have 100% control of any security breaches compared to VPS.


Surprisingly but you have to say, dedicated is overpowered than VPS in performance. With the availability of enormous resources, your site can easily cope up with huge traffic without affecting the loading speed. On the contrary, VPS also has a great loading speed but when multiple sites land over a server, it might suffer from slow speed.

Configuration And Customization:

VPS hosting and dedicated hosting deliver managed and unmanaged plans and these plans have good resources to go on month-on-month. VPS hosting slightly differs as it can borrow resources from neighbors (other sites) if you cross your monthly limit.


In this case, VPS wins the competition. VPS hosting supports sites that need shared or dedicated hosting. By collaborating with VPS, a site can reach the required destination. On the other side, dedicated hosting offers help to the site that needs assistance outright.

Resource Allocation:

Certainly, the bonus point goes to the category of dedicated hosting. You can use as many resources as you want but in VPS hosting you have to be a little careful of supplied resources, though it is not part of any contest.

In the concluding part, both VPS and dedicated hosting are reliable and expensive plans. But after a certain time, leaving a shared hosting package and jumping to another option is a good decision. Simply you will get what you invest, and when you invest more, obviously you will get more refined outcomes.

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