8 Top Marketing Plugins for WooCommerce to Increase Your Sales in 2024

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Running an online shop is exciting but can also be a lot to handle. With so many tasks and the goal of increasing sales, those who own WooCommerce stores, like you, often search for the top plugins to help them out.

Yet, when there are countless choices, how do you figure out which plugins will really help?

In this detailed guide, we highlight 8 outstanding WooCommerce marketing plugins that every e-shop owner should think about.

Each plugin has a special purpose, whether it’s making orders smoother, getting back lost shopping carts, showcasing products better, or creating strong bonds with customers.

By the time you finish reading, you’ll:

  • Know the special features of each plugin.
  • Discover how to apply these tools to improve your marketing plans.
  • Feel confident to make choices that fine-tune your WooCommerce activities.

Want to get more out of your WooCommerce shop?

Jump in and explore the plugins that might transform your online selling journey.

Top Marketing Plugins for WooCommerce to Increase Your Sales

1. WPFunnels


WPFunnels is a handy tool that lets website owners and promoters easily make sales funnel journeys that really work.

With this easy-to-use tool, you can visually set up your funnel steps without having any coding skills. It’s as simple as moving and placing steps in the order you want.

You can also set up these steps using your favorite page builder. It comes with pre-built templates for tools like Elementor, Gutenberg, Divi, and Oxygen. So, you can get a sales journey up and running super quickly, even in just 15 minutes.

You can also add special offers during checkout, set up personalized funnel journeys for your whole store, offer deals after someone has bought something and much more.

Main Features:

  1. Simple and clear interface for setting up and organizing sales funnel steps.
  2. Add a related order bump offer at checkout to boost your sales total.
  3. Create one-click upsell & downsell offers to the customers after they checkout.
  4. Easily integrate with popular email and automation tools to streamline your email outreach.
  5. Ready-to-use prebuilt templates by industry experts to start right away.
  6. Native integration with Mail Mint, its in-house CRM tool for a better email experience.
  7. Seamlessly work with WooCommerce to pitch conditional offers based on what customers buy.
  8. Custom checkout page layout for a smoother buying process.
  9. Integrates with LearnDash & TutorLMS to design course sales routes.
  10. Special integration with Mail Mint to create email automation flow in the visual canvas.

Right now, WPFunnels is the simplest funnel builder tool for WordPress, making it great for setting up an effective sales funnel for your WooCommerce shop. It’s a must-have for successful, long-term promotions.


WPFunnels offers both a free version and a premium one. The paid option starts at $97 annually.

2. Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce

Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce

The Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce tool gives your WooCommerce coupon system a big upgrade. It adds lots of new features to make handling coupons easier and boost your sales promotions.

With this tool, you can set up different kinds of discount deals like “Buy One Get One Free,” URL offers, and special cart rules. Plus, you can give customers shop credits, turn returns into shop credits, and sort your coupons into groups to stay organized.

You can also choose which type of users can use certain coupons, show deals in a quick look box, and work smoothly with other tools.

Main Features:

  1. WooCommerce BOGO (Buy One Get One) promotional offers
  2. Rules for the cart to prevent improper coupon use
  3. Giving customers store credits for shopping
  4. Turning returned orders into store credits
  5. Organizing coupons into distinct categories
  6. Link-based coupons for hassle-free activation
  7. Limiting coupon usage based on user roles
  8. Showcasing coupons in the rapid order view box
  9. Works in sync with other plugins, encompassing shipping and payment modules.

In short, Advanced Coupons helps shop owners sharpen their discount game, increase sales, and make shopping more fun for customers.


You can try out Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce for free. If you want even cooler features, there’s a premium version you can buy that starts at $59 annually.

3. Mail Mint

Mail Mint

Mail Mint is a robust tool for automated emails that helps boost your marketing on WordPress.

It has a simple interface and effective features that make automated emails, managing leads, and focused campaigns straightforward. Plus, you can easily create great-looking emails using its drag-and-drop feature.

With Mail Mint, you can set up detailed email campaigns for WordPress & WooCommerce. It even has pre-built email automation recipes for different WooCommerce conditions, so you can get started quickly.

A standout tool is its feature to help get back customers who abandoned items in their carts. This lets you automatically send them emails to encourage them to complete their purchase and even lets you see how well it’s working.

Main Features:

  1. Organize contacts and sort them via lists, tags, or custom conditions.
  2. Make great-looking emails easily and have total control over how they look.
  3. Plan and schedule emails simply.
  4. Link easily with ChatGPT – OpenAI to help write email content.
  5. Detailed email planner with ready-to-use setups.
  6. See real-time data to check how your campaigns are doing.
  7. A tool to gather email subscribers.
  8. Track and get back customers with its abandoned cart features who didn’t complete their purchases.

Check out Mail Mint to make your email marketing more powerful with easy lead handling and automatic campaigns. Boost your marketing and hit your targets using Mail Mint.

It is made to simplify email marketing for WooCommerce, helping you auto-run your sales campaigns using a clear interface. It’s a must-have tool for your WooCommerce shop.


You can get Mail Mint in both free and paid versions. The paid option starts at $149.99 yearly.

4. Easy Affiliate

Easy Affiliate

With Easy Affiliate, you can increase your sales by letting others promote your products. This tool helps you set up a system where people can sign up, promote your products, and earn from the sales they bring.

Setting it up is simple! Once you do, there’s a special area where these promoters (called affiliates) can see how they’re doing, get their special links, see their earnings, and more.

Main Features:

  1. Works with old and new writing tools on websites.
  2. Put special promotion links in Elementor’s text area.
  3. Choose normal links or special code ones.
  4. Make shorter links to hide the full ones.
  5. Add special tags to your links.
  6. Keep some links normal, which is good for sites like Amazon.
  7. Automatic note for your special links.
  8. Find your links easily when you’re writing.
  9. Organize your links into groups.
  10. See how many times your links were clicked this month or ever.
  11. Move your links in and out using simple files.
  12. Update lots of links at once using these files.

One great thing about this is that you won’t have to pay extra fees or follow rules from other systems that let people promote products.


Though Easy Affiliates comes with both free & paid plans, the starting price is $99.60 annually.

5. Product Feed Manager food Woocommerce

Product Feed Manager food Woocommerce

Product Feed Manager for WooCommerce is the easiest solution to promote your WooCommerce products on large online marketplaces.

With this plugin, you can create product feeds in the right format for any online merchant such as Google Shopping, Facebook, Bing, Instagram, Pinterest, etc in just a few clicks.

It has powerful features like category mapping, product filtering, feed rules, combined attributes, auto-sync with Google so you can create the perfect product feed for the best results.

Main Features:

  1. Ready-made templates for online merchants.
  2. Auto Feed Update Scheduling
  3. Category Mapping
  4. Advanced Product filtering
  5. Feed Rules
  6. Auto-sync with Google


Product Feed Manager is free but there’s also a paid version with exclusive features. The paid one starts at $79.99 a year.”

6. Booster For WooCommerce

Booster For WooCommerce

Booster for WooCommerce is your all-around tool for your online store. It’s packed with over 110 features, so instead of having lots of plugins, you just need this one. It offers top-level adjustments without any complex coding.

With this handy tool, you can add more cool things to your site and see a rise in sales. It has nifty things like easy invoicing, setting custom prices, changing the shopping cart and checkout, and many more features to make shopping at your store a breeze.

Main Features:

  1. Make ordering simpler with clear invoices and packing slips.
  2. Ask for special details from shoppers for unique products.
  3. Set prices in different ways, or change them based on where the shopper is.
  4. Make the cart and payment part of shopping even better with extras, discounts, and more.
  5. Add special touches to products like tags, different prices, and discounts.
  6. Change how prices look and use special buttons for products.
  7. Offer different ways to pay, depending on where the shopper is or what they’re buying.
  8. Tweak emails, see stats, and keep your site safe.
  9. Check out Booster for WooCommerce and give your online shop a makeover. Make setting things up easier and get more sales.


You can use Booster for WooCommerce for free, or get more features with the paid version, which begins at $11.99 a month.

7. Trust Pulse

Trust Pulse

TrustPulse is a tool packed with impressive features to display social proof on your site that helps transform visitors into customers.

One of its standout features is smart targeting, ensuring that the right visitor sees the right social proof at the most opportune moment. Additionally, you can choose which specific social proof will be most effective.

Main Features:

  1. Real-time event tracking to utilize FOMO, showcasing live actions of visitors on your site.
  2. A live feed of various website activities, from WooCommerce sales and membership sign-ups to newsletter registrations.
  3. “On Fire” notifications, highlight the volume of people taking actions within a specific timeframe.
  4. Advanced targeting rules and timing controls to display social proof
  5. A suite of design options to craft appealing FOMO alerts that complement your website’s aesthetics.
  6. Analytics specific to FOMO to evaluate notification views and their conversion rates.
  7. Setting up these FOMO notifications is straightforward and hassle-free, with no coding involved.


Both the free & pro version is available and the pro version’s payment comes on a monthly basis starting from $19/mo.

8. Booking & Appointment plugin for WooCommerce

Booking & Appointment plugin for WooCommerce

The Booking & Appointment Plugin For WooCommerce by Tyches Software is a popular plugin that can turn your store into a complete booking platform for all sorts of products and businesses.
It lets you offer any product in your store whether it’s simple, variable, grouped, subscription, or composite product as a bookable product. Whether you run a gym, a salon, or a hotel you can sell overnight bookings, appointments & reservations with ease.

Main Features:

  1. Virtual events bookings & recurring appointments setup with zoom integration Visitors can view the booking details at every step of the WooCommerce checkout process.
  2. It allows users to send automatic booking reminder emails.
  3. Special process setup for weekdays, time slots & special days.
  4. There’s an option to search booking availability by dates
  5. There are also options to change booking dates & times on the cart & checkout page.
  6. Users can create different length time slots on the same product.


The pricing of this tool starts from $199/year

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, choosing the best WooCommerce marketing plugin for your online store comes down to your specific requirements, tech-savviness, and budget.

Understanding your store’s needs will guide you to the most suitable tool. If you’re tech-inclined, opt for plugins that offer more customization. On the other hand, if you’re not tech-savvy, it’s wise to go for user-friendly options.

Your budget is another factor. If you’re willing to invest more, there are premium plugins available. But if you’re watching your expenses, seek a plugin that delivers essential features without breaking the bank.

It’s a good idea to weigh the pros and cons of various plugins. Aim for those that give value for their cost and are user-friendly.

One thing’s for sure – the ideal WooCommerce marketing plugin has the potential to significantly lift your sales.

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