Top 10 Best WordPress Themes To Use In 2019

Themes for the website are mandatory to support the entire concept of the brand. Some themes can be risky to coordinate with your prospect and some can assist in presenting the entire idea. Premium themes are majorly working in bringing a general idea-packed in a bucket.

There are general ideas for WordPress themes that are a way to brief and nice to just ignore than to imply. It is not mandatory to commit with one theme, try to play along with other themes as well to ace in multiple themes.

10 Best WordPress Themes for 2019

1. Extra – WordPress Theme:

Extra WordPress Theme

It has a wonderful scoring menu, amazing features of a drop-down menu with a unique layout. Extra is suitable for blogging due to its explaining gestures of discussion and other nature of elaboration.

Moreover, it has a great description level for reviews as well, for e:g if your job requires a review of the product then you may include the same with stars and scores to make it a proper product review.

This theme comes with a builder so that you may post the blog, on the left side there is a recent review analysis based on the user experience which adds some extra creativity. Its simple, easy and clean for blogging websites as it covers the whole idea of elaboration.

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2. Thrive Architect – WordPress Theme:

Thrive Architect WordPress Theme

The easiest way to create websites is through Thrive Architect theme. You can add themes and text with the help of search elements and may add headings or other descriptions. The interface of the theme is manageable that can be managed by the editors.

Besides its benefits that have been discussed, there is a flaw that defines its cost. This theme is costly as compared to other page builders. The technology and ease Thrive Architect provides is incredible and beyond.

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3. Business Lounge – WordPress Theme:

Business Lounge WordPress Theme

Another underrated theme is business Lounge as it is a life-saver theme that will take care of all your worries instantly. It appears with a beautiful interface and the design of the theme is catchy. With the chic and gorgeous page shop, drop-down menu and other features make business lounge creative.

The most exciting feature of this theme is that you may have a different custom header on each page. This theme works awesome for visual composers; Designers may take this on a serious note and take advantage of editing each page with separate headers. Moreover, with some unique footer, the design looks effective and can be customized.

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4. Marketfy – WordPress Theme:

Marketfy WordPress Theme

The theme pillars the business concept for multi-tasking concept and stands as the epic solution. Marketfy is easy for downloading the theme and can be channelized in a multi-dimensional way.

The product purchase and checkout section are amazingly standardized. It is easy and simple. Marketfy is the best theme for importing content and for multiple vendors. E-books, music, a stack of photos can be used for such theme and is a good place for making these units work.

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5. Newspaper 9 – WordPress Theme:

Newspaper 9 WordPress Theme

The theme is affiliated with news related blogs and amazon related concepts. Newspaper 9 theme is specially made for news reviews and something that has explanatory content. Main quality for this theme is that it is specially made for a blog review. From changing colors to its grid style this theme has a whole definition to build and edit.

Apart from its stance of usage, it has 20 different designs of templates/layouts following with some demo material so that the designers have a guide. The pictures for the blogs are correctly imported with an organized structure. Newspaper 9 theme is best for a reviewing website because of its unique footer and header style.

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6. Oshine – WordPress Theme:

Oshine WordPress Theme

The theme is tricky but easy to learn as well, it is just perfect for multipurpose themes. This project has a template section and blogging section, so basically, it is simple to use and operate. It has a variation for a blank section and can be easily added with more layouts.

On shine is filled with cool animation and has beyond descriptive roots to define a website with its unique dynamics.

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7. Bryte – WordPress Theme:

Bryte WordPress Theme

It is the best fixer for the beginners as it has tons of layouts that can work in a premium manner. It also has it own bitcoin page, apart from creative designs it is stuffed with a different layout for header and footer element. No matter whatever style you want it has multiple options.

It has multiple layout selections from header style to overlap footer style all in one theme which is available in Bryte. The theme is all about mixing and matching the realistic content so that your template is even.

They have various template styles, blog designs, featured layouts etc. post formats and review styles is innovative. In the ‘shop’ section users can compare the price and click on add to cart button.

It is a cool option where consumers can analyze the price value of the product (like which one is less). Entirely user-friendly and is highly recommended for designers.

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8. Massive Dynamic – WordPress Theme:

Massive Dynamic WordPress Theme

The layout is beautifully and simply designed where you can import reviews, blog posts etc. The slider theme is easy to make with some editing with given options. It has a user-friendly feature that you may change the font as per your desire. You can also duplicate the layout.

You can design headers and these headings can be customized, however massive dynamic needs more recognition so that it is monitored.

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9. Flatsome – WordPress Theme:

Flatsome WordPress Theme

Normally headers and footers are not customized, however, this theme Fleasome is a rarity when it comes to making selections. There are 500 layouts with mature designs. This theme is appropriate for E-commerce sites, purchasing items, check out unit can be changed.

You can also import the purchase items and products to the other part of a website as well. Flatsome has immense customized features. In addition, the theme introduces an exclusive chapter of page roll on as well. So, flatesome is an exemplary unit for E-commerce related websites.

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10. Divi – WordPress Theme:

Divi WordPress Theme

The most desirable and epic featured theme is Divi. It implements the best experience for the designers to encourage and consume its features positively. Divi is the easiest and simplest page builder as it is introduced with a list of icons to select by importing the same over web pages. It has plenty of room to invent with texts and headers.

Furthermore, you can also change the color scheme for the page builder sections. Every week this theme introduces new layouts, however, they also provide tutorials over social media to create a soft row for the beginners. The layouts Divi has is exquisite and chic which is trending nowadays.

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Final Thought:

Its all about displaying the reputation of your brand, what you desire to project and be able to produce such sight of the brand that can be engaging for the audience. The templates and trendy layouts are now the most exciting and easy thing to imply as a designer.

Most of the themes have introduced with built-in options of color scheming, text building, unique headers & footer structure and cool layouts so that there is no exploring through other websites.

Author Bio:

Elyza Cornor is web developer/blogger by profession who has been working in web development company industry for more than five years. She has worked with some of the best brands from around the world and helped them in designing customer-centric websites. Apart from work, she loves spending time with her daughters.

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