Top 7 Social Media Trends To Follow In 2019

As social media has transformed itself into an effective marketing tool, brands have started relying on the major social networks to reach their target audience and capture their attention.

Therefore, it is essential to understand how people utilize these platforms and evaluate your existing strategy, to find out what works best for your brand and what can be improved.

Social Media Trends

Following are the key social media trends that can help you in 2019

Building trust

These days, people are suspicious of the information found on various social media platforms. As a marketer, you may even be contributing to the situation by crowding social media with targeted ads. It makes people lose trust in your brand and the platform you choose to promote your business. So, try adding a human element to your brand and look for ways to build trust and connect with your target audience authentically.

Customers use social media platforms to ask questions, post reviews and raise complaints, making it easier for them to reach their favorite brands. Therefore, it’s time for you to ensure that your customer is finding solutions to their problem as quickly as possible. Since brands rely heavily on social media to convey their messages, you need to work harder to capture and retain the trust of your target audience.


Social media allows you to share your brand’s experiences through posts and you will get to know your competitor’s story through your news feed. Most social networks are constantly introducing new features, so you need to find unique ways to tell and share your brand’s story with your audience.

This is the reason why you must start posting creative and thoughtful content (mix of images, videos, and graphics) that will inspire people to try out your products or services. If your brand can build an engaging story, it will definitely have a better chance of survival in this highly competitive world.

Make sure that your stories are compelling, to stand out amongst other social media content and direct your audiences to take the necessary action.

A Face to your brand

Putting a human face to your brand is crucial for building trust and loyalty, especially if you own a relatively small-sized business. It helps to create a positive image for your brand and establish a strong relationship with your customers. Therefore, this is a major trend to consider in 2019 if you want to succeed on social media.

It adds a human touch which helps to naturally connect with your audience and make your brand seem more relevant. So, don’t hide behind your brand’s logo as it can weaken your brand’s reputation.

Influencer campaigns

As the concept of marketing through influencers continues to develop and grow on major social networks, it can be used as an effective sales channel for your brand. These are people who market your brand or products with the influence they have on social media. So, if incorporated into your social media strategy, it gives your brand a human voice.

Influencer marketing is more effective than traditional forms of advertising and can create authentic ways to connect with your target audience. These are the reasons why you should consider investing money on the influencer marketing campaigns.

Since your employees are the major contributors to your brand, they can help to level up your influencer game. You can encourage them to talk about your brand which will in turn help to spread the awareness even more.

Influencer campaigns

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Social intelligence

Gaining intelligence through social media is particularly important if you are using it to promote your brand. The information acquired through the major social channels can help to shape your products or services based on the customer taste and preferences.

You are at a phase where every brand has a social media presence. Examining your competitor’s social media handles and finding brand mentions could potentially benefit your business and provide better customer experience. This is one of the major social media trends that you need to keep an eye out for in 2019.

Product discovery

Due to the recent trend of smartphones, social media platforms have become the best place to discover products and services online. Almost all brands promote their products through social channels which makes it easier for people to learn about them before making a purchase. Social media is helping brands increase their online sales numbers significantly.

Studies even show that people are turning to social media platforms for online product research. The traditional methods like discovering through search engines and reading online reviews are soon going to be substituted by major social channels.

So, use social media to tell your story in a convincing way and influence people’s decision to purchase with your brand. However, after someone discovers your product on social media, it’s up to you to provide the best experience that will make things easier for them.

Short-span content

Short-lived videos in a vertical format that usually lasts for 24 hours have infiltrated almost every major social network. And the platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube are very well known for their ephemeral content.

Stories are everywhere, and there are millions of people consuming it on a daily basis. As stories have a short life span (visible for a certain timeframe), your target audiences are sure enough to engage with it – fear of missing out.

Therefore, brands should focus on incorporating this type of content into their social media strategy, if they haven’t done so already – a leading trend which will continue to grow in 2019.


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Today, social networks are the place where brands have an opportunity to prove their value and strengthen their reputation through follower interaction. Since social media is an ever-changing landscape, it’s essential to keep up with the latest trends and ensure that you have a good strategy in place.

You can’t afford to ignore the importance of social media presence as it influences how people receive your brand. So, it’s better to reexamine everything you’ve been doing and find ways to improve your competitive advantage – what works now may not work forever.

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