SEO Trends for 2022: 5 Predictions to be Prepared For

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the soul and heart of boosting a website to the highest level of success. However, the dynamism of SEO makes it difficult to follow at times. 2021 was great for SEO. New trends, tools, and updates regularly flooded the industry.

Search Engine Optimization

Looking forward to next year, experts in the industry have already worked on introducing the latest SEO trends for 2022. If you are looking forth to knowing more about the SEO trends and techniques, then, it has been summarized some of the same here. So, pace up and be prepared to adopt these trends for better performance of your website, and ultimately your business.

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Trend #1: Utilizing Voice Search Optimization

Voice Search Optimization

Though it is necessarily an SEO tactic that was riding high in 2019, it is getting extended to the New Year too. Why? Voice search optimization is not only easily accessible to everyone, but it is also trendy. With Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa around the corner to make our daily life more comfortable, people are opting for voice search in significant numbers.

Various studies were conducted throughout the last few years, and it was found out that more than 61% of people are getting comfortable using voice searches, especially on their mobile devices. While 17% of the population are still not familiar with the usage of this technology, only 14% are not comfortable using it.

Another study found out that 55% of the teens and 41% of the adults use voice searches multiple times on a daily basis. When it comes to businesses, more than 46% of companies use voice search optimization to find other local businesses.

To ensure that you are using voice search optimization appropriately, you need to optimize your local search. Inserting geo-targeted keywords helps build a more loyal and robust customer base.

To rank higher on voice search queries, you need to make your website mobile-friendly and adequately integrated with voice search technology. Google always optimizes sites that are mobile-friendly.

Cool Fact:

  • More than 50% of all searches will be voice-based by 2022

Trend #2: Developing Quality Content

You have undoubtedly heard about the phrase “Content is King”! But do you know why so much emphasis is put on it? The reason is simple- people read blogs to get answers that add value to their lives and essentially solve their problems. Thus, the need to develop quality content that engages the readers is necessary.

Developing Quality Content

Good content brings more readers to your sites and gives them a reason to stick around a little longer. This, in turn, improves your SEO performance.

However, to attract more readers, it is essential that you produce high-quality content. Your audience should be able to connect with the brand, and your blogs serve as the ideal medium. You should also focus on writing long-form content, at least 1840 words, because it works best with search engines. Not only are long-form contents more engaging, but they perform adequately in terms of SEO as well.

Quality long-form content has higher chances of ranking on search engines. Also, these get more shares on social media than shorter versions. Furthermore, blogs that include visual representations like infographics, videos, and images also perform better concerning SEO. Form the content based on the buyer’s journey and craft personalized content.

Thus, focusing on crafting quality long-form content will be one of the trends that SEO experts should look out for in 2022.

Cool Fact:

  • 84% of customers/clients look for brands that produce educational and engaging content

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Trend #3: Aiming For High Ranking Snippet

Aiming For High Ranking Snippet

Lately, if you search for a particular keyword on Google, the chances are that you will be shown a snippet from the top-ranked website for the same keyword. Rather than just showing the #1 site, Google has started showing featured bits. Marketers call this spot “position zero.”

SEO experts are now aiming to rank using specific keywords, therefore, earning a featured snippet on the first page of Google.

However, to get a featured snippet on the top of the page, you need to up your SEO game.

A study revealed that featured snippets are displayed for content that ranks in the top 10 results. More closely, 90.1% of the featured pieces are taken from the content that ranks within the top 5 positions. Thus, it is necessary to use the right SEO techniques and create high-ranking and valuable content.

Another study conducted by SEMrush showcased that out of 6.9 million snippets and almost 80 million keywords, only 7% of these were generic. 41.59% of the keywords include questions, and the ranking snippets contain an answer to the same. Using question keywords increases the chances of getting featured snippets by 480%. Hence, using the right keywords and crafting the right content for it as well can help you earn a snippet.

Earn a featured snippet

Another trick to earn a snippet would be to organize the content using H2 and H3 tags (subheads). Using numbers and bullets allows the content to look formatted and more presentable.

Featured snippets are a simple yet effective way to boost your SEO.

Cool Fact:

  • Websites that got a featured snippet saw an increase in the Click-through-rates (CTR) by 516%

Trend #4: Rooting for Artificial Intelligence

Rooting for Artificial Intelligence

The last few years saw increased use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), which has become better and accessible. Fueled by chatbots and AI assistants, leveraging these for the growth of your website can fetch positive results. Chatbots and AI can allow your company to connect with other users even after the official work hours, thus, increasing your brand’s reach.

The 24×7 service of chatbots makes it easy for companies to make prompt replies to emails or inquiries coming from customers at odd hours, without the need of any human assistance. This validates merely the use of chatbots and AI. Also, installing chatbots and AI is cost-effective and further allows reducing pressure on the employees.

By introducing chatbots and AI to your brand’s website, you make the entire process more automated, providing users with the right guide for navigating the site at the right time. AI and chatbots can also guide visitor’s through the buyer’s journey, leading to more conversions in the end.

Thus, you should root for Artificial Intelligence and integrate the same with your SEO techniques in the New Year.

Cool Fact:

  • 72% of business leaders feel that Artificial Intelligence is an advantage for most businesses

Trend #5: Understanding RankBrain

Emphasizing on RankBrain is going to be one of the leading SEO trends for 2022. RankBrain is the core algorithm used by Google that focuses on serving users better with targeted search results. In 2015, officials from Google had revealed that RankBrain is the third most crucial ranking indication.

Understanding RankBrain

People often use complex, long-tail queries on Google. RankBrain interprets these queries and translates them to optimize the search results. It analyzes unconnected questions to find similarities between each other, which boosts future understanding of complex searches and finds related topics.

RankBrain is already smart, and the more data it collects, the quicker it becomes in providing search intents.

It usually analyzes synonyms and related terms from the original search query and scrutinizes other pages with the associated words. This allows it to provide the person with highly optimized results.

The algorithm then analyzes the good results using factors such as low bounce rates, longer dwell times and higher click-through-rates to narrow down the search intent further.

This is the reason why understanding RankBrain and using it to your advantage is vital for good SEO. The savviest SEO experts are thus optimizing the meta descriptions for each webpage and making it more enticing that pulls in more clicks, boosting the page’s rank in return.

Another way to use RankBrain to your advantage would be to increase the usability of the page and improve the user experience. The more time they spent on your page, the better are your chances of getting recognized by RankBrain.

Cool Fact:

  • Google receives about 3 billion searches every day, out of which 15% of the searches are new to RankBrain

To Summarize

The SEO trends you need to look out for in 2022 includes:

  • Leveraging voice search optimization
  • Developing quality content
  • Aiming for featured snippets on Google
  • Using Artificial Intelligence to reach further
  • Understanding and using the RankBrain algorithm

Being an essential aspect for websites to get noticed, SEO is dynamic and is continually evolving. Thus, to keep remaining relevant, it is significant to stay updated with all these changes. SEO trends in 2022 are essentially an extension of what was trending this year. However, as more updates are made on a daily basis, you should update yourself as well.

Just keep the trends as mentioned above in mind, and you can easily carve out the future of SEO, and ultimately your business.

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