Semrush Review 2022: All Features, Pricing and Alternative

For any business owner, it is very important to understand how competitors’ businesses are promoting themselves over the online medium and create a strategy depending on it.

While talking about searching the first thing that hits our mind is Google search results. It does not matter how big or small your company is or the result is organic or a paid advertisement.

If your business appears on the top results on specific keywords, it is going to help your business. That sweet spot that brings more customers in the Google search results is THE desire.

In order to achieve the best possible position in the search engine, the real-time analysis of the specific keywords acts as the best path for successful Search Marketing. It will result in more traffic getting diverted to your website from different search engines that include mainly Google, Bing, Yahoo, and many others.


In a way, SEM or Search Engine Marketing goes hand in hand with SEO or Search Engine Optimization. However, these two terms are totally different from each other, and the process of using them to get more traffic requires different strategies.

Search Engine Optimization is the technique that you use to improve the quality of the website and the content to ensure a better search engine result position however Search Engine Marketing is a broader term that includes SEO as well. SEM includes both SEO and paid advertisements to ensure better results.

What is Semrush?

Semrush is an SEM tool that helps you in tracking different keywords that you use on your blog or website across the globe.

You can set a target keyword and location to see how your website or your competitor’s website is doing with that keyword globally or in a particular area. This system helps you in understanding where you are lacking behind and can work on improving the search engine ranking.

The software helps you in finding the keywords and gives you the timeline details of how those keywords worked for you. It will show you the details like which keyword has gained visitors and which have fallen from the list of preferred keywords in that particular time frame.

While checking the same for the competitors, it will help you in understanding your rank and position in comparison to the competitors.

It will help you in getting the outline of the growth of your competition in terms of organic search and gives you an idea of how much you will need to invest in Search Engine Marketing to get to the level of the competitors.

Top 7 Features of Semrush

Semrush provides a lot of features and 40+ tools that will help you in understanding your position in comparison to your competitors over different search engine platforms. The features are broadly divided into three different categories are Analytic reports, Tools, and Projects.

1. Organic Research

In order to get the perfect position in search results, it is very important to find the best possible relevant keywords. This feature will help you in finding those keywords based on the category and content of your website and will detail out the strategy with keywords your competitors are using.

The Semrush Competitive Positioning Map gives you the rank comparison with the top 20 search results for specific keywords while the Semrush Position Change Report gives you the detail of change in rank and position of your website for specific keywords in comparison to the competitors.

2. Backlink Analysis

The backlinks help in getting the attention of the search engine bots. In the last few updates that Google has done for a better search experience, it has hit those websites that were indulging in buying backlinks or spamming searching engine bots with backlinks.

The Effective Backlink Checker in Semrush helps you in getting detailed information on the backlinks that you get. This feature helps you in understanding where your competitors are getting the backlinks. It will also provide the IP-based location of the backlinks along with much more information.

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3. Advertising Research

When you plan to advertise your website over the search engines it is very important to see how your competitors are doing and how much money you will need to spend in order to get a good search result position for those keywords.

Semrush gives you that information on PPC a.k.a. Pay Per Click campaigns run by the competitors. You can use this data and improve your advertising strategy to get a better ROI.

4. Display Advertising

Google Display Ad Network is one of the most used ad places by the companies. So much so it has become congested and crowded.

Semrush’s Top 30 Report provides data including text, media ads, number of ads, performance, etc for the competitors. This report can help you in analyzing the strategies and build a better space for your website over the search engine.

Semrush Adsense Publishers Report gives you the information about the competitors’ choice of keywords to advertise which you can use to pick the best ones for yourself to match the competition.

5. PLAs Traffic Analysis

PLA or Product Listing Ads Traffic Analysis provided by Semrush gives you insight into the competitors on Google Shopping.

It gives you the info on the keywords which trigger the competitors’ PLAs to show up in the paid ads along with an estimate that they are spending for that position. You can compare your stats with their performance with the help of Domain to Domain Tool.

6. Keyword Research

Semrush’s Keyword Research is a strong feature that is loved by everyone. It helps you in improving your search engine ranking by providing you with a list of relevant keywords for both paid and organic search. It gives out tons of useful data that you can use to improve your ranking.

7. Site Audit

Check your website’s errors for on-page SEO and fix them right away by using the site audit tool. In the report of your website audit, you will find the health of your website in percentage.

All errors are counted in numbers and shown in red, orange, and blue colors. Red errors are very critical and you should fix them asap.

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Semrush Pricing

There are three packages available that are Pro, Guru, and Business. You can start with Semrush 14 days free trial and move to the desired package based on your requirements.

PlanIf Paid MonthlyIf Paid Yearly

Semrush vs Other Tools Pricing

Following are the pricing of basic plans of different SEO tools.

ToolsMonthly PriceAnnually Price


Final Words

Understanding the competition’s strategy is very important to find the sweet spot in the search results. Semrush helps in finding the best options and keywords to improve your website’s ranking and eliminate issues that may harm the ranking in the long run.

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