Top 15 Reasons to Choose WordPress for your Business in 2024

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Do you want to know why you should choose WordPress for your business in 2024? Then here, we have provided all the reasons.

If you want to create a business-oriented website, you will obviously choose the best CMS platform! Though, it is tough to choose the leading platform to switch the website.

Businesspersons got worried that the popularity and the traffic might get affected. But when you are running a business, it is vital to have a website with a perfect look and features. So, for that, it is important to choose the one that can give you flourishing results.

Several CMS platforms, such as Joomla, Typo3, WordPress, Serendipity, Shopify, ImpressPages, and many more are there. Among, WordPress is an ideal one of many businesses. It is highly compatible, easy to maintain, and integrate.

You might be having several questions in your mind to choose WordPress. What is so good about this CMS? How it can be the best choice for your business?

So, to answer all these questions, we came up with 15 reasons that clarify the idea of choosing WordPress for your business.

Why to chose WordPress for your Business?

1. Reliability

As per the statistics, WordPress is a leading CMS with 43% of the world’s web platform in 2024 which is a hike of 30% of the previous two years. It has been used by large business websites or for blogging websites and has shown a noticeable achievement.

It has been developed by PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript. Also, It has met the strict coding standards of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) during its maintenance process. It almost gets 144 million monthly visitors and has become the 5th viewed platform after Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Amazon.

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2. Universal Platform

WordPress empowers millions of websites across the sphere. It is one of the most prominent Content Management Systems. WordPress is a universal platform as it has a dashboard that anyone can use efficiently (even non-technical users).

It came up with features and functionalities that are very easy to understand. WordPress has around 50,000 plug-ins and 3500 GPL-licenced themes. It can be easily accessible by anyone as WordPress is available in 57 languages. It accounts for 71% of blogs in English and 4.7% in Spanish.

3. SEO-friendly

To be precise, WordPress owns 80 to 90 % of the Seach Engine Optimization (SEO). From all the plug-ins out there, Yoast SEO has 5 million+ active installations and All-in-one SEO has approximately 3 million+ active installations. So that WordPress allows greater support for SEO using SEO plugins.

SEO Friendly

Anyone can easily customize themes for the digital marketing environment. With Plugins, you can do everything for SEO boom, such as checking the content preview in search results, SEO improvement recommendations, Getting SEO scores, XML sitemap generation, Developing custom SEO settings for posts, media, pages, and management of XML sitemap.

4. Multi-User capability

Considering large enterprises, it is vital to keep the website up-to-date for its multi-user capability. It is quite helpful as it allows you to assign different tasks to an individual in your enterprise.

WordPress has five default user roles, such as Editor, Contributor, Administrator, Subscriber, and Author. It gives the right to businesspeople to choose what a user can do or can’t do on the website with the user role management system. It is important to know the user roles and permission for your website growth.

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5. In-built Blogging

WordPress offers amazing benefits while building a website that permits you to add a blog to your website effortlessly. It is one of the best platforms for blogging because of its default blogging configuration feature.

In Built Blogging

This feature gives several options, like, spam solutions, tags, categories, commenting, Gravatars, widgets, media, and many more.

6. Existing Support Community

WordPress is an Open Source CMS and it is developed by the professional community of consultants, web developers, and scholars. The one who is aware of WordPress can take benefit from this platform.

When you start using WordPress you will not only receive free support continuously from different community members but will also get access to many free plugins and themes.

7. Easy to Set up and Update

Any non-technical person can access WordPress. There is no such need to be proficient in coding and programming. You can easily set up the WordPress website without knowing HTML, Javascript, and PHP programming languages. It can be manually installed in less than 5 minutes. So, just go ahead and enjoy the seamless service.

It is vital to update any software to secure it, so, in the case of WordPress. As WordPress is a huge platform, therefore, it becomes significant to update it so that it can be safe from attacks, such as a Brute force attack.

It is very easy to update WordPress themes, plugins in just a single go. Though, WordPress always gives a notification for the latest version to update, thus enhancing the website functionality by keeping it fresh and safe.

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8. Manageable, Cost-effective and Flexible

With several functionalities and features, it becomes easy to maintain the WordPress website rather it is a blog or an E-commerce website. Regular testing and evaluation have enhanced WordPress components with the resources that could assist in effectively managing the WordPress website.

WordPress is more economical as compared to other CMS, such as Joomla, Typo3, WordPress, Serendipity, Shopify. It provides themes and plugins at affordable rates and you can easily choose from the huge array of options.

WordPress is flexible enough to allow us to build any website (personal website, blog, some event management site, E-commerce website) very effortlessly.

9. Boosts Creativity and Time Management

Because WordPress comes with plenty of themes and plug-ins, so, it becomes very easy to develop a customized website as per your style. You can manage the website’s layout by selecting the theme you desire for the add-in. Creating the website with our desired terms is such an easy task with WordPress.

Boost Creativity

WordPress has plenty of plugins that enhance work productivity with various choices and manage time very appropriately.

10. Innovative and scalable

As it is known that WordPress is used by almost every user in this sphere. So, it becomes important to be stable and update the website with the trends to manage visitors’ engagement. Any susceptibility is discovered and fixed instantly by WordPress experts.

And it provides a safe and stable platform to run the business robustly. WordPress has always kept itself ahead of its rivals with innovative and superior technology.

A fully functional and fast loading website is compulsory for business growth. And, WordPress never misses this fact and allows us to create anything we wish to create by using CDN services.

11. Design Consistently and Flexibility

WordPress came up with two theme options, viz. Default theme (free) and premium theme (paid) for website designing. Once you have chosen a theme, WordPress ensures to maintain a similar design throughout the website even if you add blog posts and web pages. So, this maintains a wonderful consistency not only with the users but also gives a beautiful look to the website.

With its multi-design integration feature, you can maintain the different designs layouts throughout the website then of a consistent design.

12. Synchronization with popular resources

Being a widely popular and most used platform, some third-party companies developed their integration scripts or plug-ins to be used in WordPress.

The added plugins linked the third-party account with the WordPress website and provide a stable workflow. MailChimp is a third-party plugin with which you can effortlessly synchronize with the WordPress website.

Because WordPress allows us to integrate third-party services with the website, and avail the different APIs to use on the website as well.

13. Security as Top priority

WordPress is an open-source platform so millions of users are using it. The hackers/attackers always want to breach it in new ways. But, with the security protocols, building a website with WordPress is always safe and secure. WordPress regularly updates its security measures or the tools to protect the website from potential harm.

14. Solid Monitoring for Malware

A tremendous rise in cybercriminal activities and malware has been noticed in recent years. The website can be easily got infected with malware because of its sudden website crashing, slow speed, etc.

WordPress has strong security tools, like Antivirus and Security to regularly scan and detect spammy links and malware. With this, you can easily monitor the website’s security with just one click.

15. SSL Certification

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a general security technology used for protecting personal data, such as user information, Online banking transactions, attackers, and so on. It is significant for website security and it has got a good ranking from Google. With WordPress, you can easily set up SSL certification on the website in one go with the “Really Simple SSL” plugin.

Final Words

Undoubtedly, WordPress is the best platform to rely on website building. With plenty of themes and plug-ins, Multi-User capability, Support Community, Time Management, Security, and malware monitoring, WordPress is a store of endless benefits. We hope that this article will assist you to use WordPress for your business.

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Emily Johns is a web developer and IT consultant at WordSuccor, providing WordPress CMS development services to global clients. You can find her on Twitter!

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