Pressidium Hosting Review and Discount Offer for 2020

Since its launch, in just a decade WordPress has become the most popular CMS used by millions of websites around the world. Being an open-source platform, WordPress gives the developers’ community an option to keep adding new and advanced features in the plugins that you can use with WordPress.

Hosting a WordPress based website does not require any additional features but it is advised to use a web service provider who has high-quality fast servers to host your website.

Pressidium Review 2020

Pressidium is one of the best managed WordPress hosting providers whose expertise in WordPress hosting and do not offer any plan for non-WordPress websites.

Pressidium – A young company with a remarkable track record

It was launched in 2014 by four colleagues who are expert engineers and developers. The main aim of the company is to provide a one-stop solution for all your hosting needs for the WordPress based website.

Pressidium WordPress Hosting Review

Pressidium is known for the customer support that has WordPress and Server experts who can solve your queries within a matter of minutes. After-Sale support is one of the top benefits of buying website hosting from Pressidium.

Pressidium Coupon Code 2020

The company offers 2 months of free hosting if you purchase Pressidium hosting for a year. TO get this discount, click the below link to get the hosting.

Pressidium WordPress Hosting Plans

Unlike other web hosting companies, the whole concentration of Pressidium revolves around WordPress hosting. The company provides 6 different plans starting from $21 per month. It is without a doubt on the expensive side but the features, performance and customer support definitely justify the price.

Pressidium WordPress Hosting Plans


Micro is a starter plan which will cost you $21/mo if paid annually. If you pay month to month then it will cost you $24.90/mo. In this plan, you can host one website with 5GB of storage. It allows up to 10K monthly website visitors. This plan is best for any small website that doesn’t require many visits or storage space.


This plan is ideal for small scale websites. If you are just starting a self-hosted blog or want to showcase some of your work with a website, you should go for this plan. You can host up to three WordPress installs under this plan but these installs should be on a single domain.

It provides 10 GB storage with unmetered bandwidth. However, it is designed to handle up to 30k visitors per month. This plan, if billed annually, will cost you $42 per month.


The professional plan is designed for websites that get up to 100k visitors per month. Under this plan, you can host up to 10 installs which can be on single or multiple domains.

Under this plan, you will get 20 GB of storage with unmetered bandwidth. This plan will cost you $125 per month when billed annually.


For small businesses where the traffic can reach up to 500k per month, this is the best plan. If you use emails on your domain, then this plan will definitely suffice the need for a small scale enterprise.

Under this plan, you will get 30 GB of storage along with unmetered bandwidth. A dedicated account manager will be assigned to you for any support you require which means your queries will be solved at priority. This plan will cost you $250 per month.

Business Plus

With 40 GB storage and unmetered bandwidth, this package is ideal for websites that get up to 1 million visitors every month. You can have up to 50 WordPress installs under this package either on similar or different domains.

You will get a dedicated account manager with this package as well. At $500 per month, this plan is best suited for companies and enterprises that have high website traffic.

Enterprise Plan

Pressidium Enterprise Plans

For those companies that run large media houses, government agencies, non-profit organizations, universities, a digital data storage company or a large multinational corporation that gets more than a million visitors per month, Pressidium enterprise web hosting will be the best option for them.

Under this package, you can install any number of WordPress accounts. You will get a dedicated team to provide you support 24×7.

This package will cost you $790 per month minimum. Based on your requirement you can ask for a special quote from the company as well.

Speed and performance

Pressidium uses dynamic load balancing which helps in increasing the speed of the websites hosted on a server. You will get a choice of choosing datacenters from around the world which will further reduce the connection time.

The servers have automatic image optimizers installed which optimize all the images uploaded on your account for quick download.

Data centers

The company has selected 22 strategic locations for the datacenters in the past 5 years. With data centers in North America, Europe, Oceania, and the Asia Pacific and many other locations, the company make sure that you get a chance to choose the data center of your choice so that you can optimize the speed of the website in a more reliable manner.


The company regularly updates its security on the servers and keeps on upgrading the hardware as well to ensure better security. The company has a dedicated team of engineers working round the clock to ensure the servers are 100% secure.

Customer support

For any web hosting company it is very important to provide better customer care. As for most of the clients, it is a once-a-year purchase, many hosting companies often delay in providing support.

On the other hand, Pressidium believes that the customer will only retain if he or she gets the attention and support 24×7.

In Today’s time, quick response is the key to success and the dedicated team of experts provides the right solution within a few minutes to all customers.

The company is also active on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook where users can interact and solve their queries even faster.

Pros and Cons of Pressidium

Pros of Pressidium

  • The company provides dedicated support for WordPress based websites and does not host any other script on the servers.
  • With 22 strategic data center locations, they make sure that the customer’s website loads faster.
  • The company has a team of WordPress and server experts to provide 24×7 support for the customers.
  • SSL certificate is included in all packages.
  • All the servers are managed and have 100% malware monitoring and auto-removal.

Cons of Pressidium

  • If your website is not based on WordPress you can not avail of their hosting services.
  • The packages are expensive in comparison to other hosting companies.

In some cases, there were complaints that the response time for a query was higher than expected. However, in the packages, the company makes it clear that those who have paid for Business, Business Plus or Enterprise plan, they will get a dedicated account manager for 24×7 support.

Discounts and offers

In case you are buying the package for complete one year or more, you will get a good discount on the price. Also, the company introduces amazing offers and discount coupon code during special holidays like Black Friday, Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Pressidium Alternatives

Pressidium is quality managed WordPress hosting provider so WP Engine, Pressable, WPX Hosting, and Kinsta are the best alternatives to Pressidium in terms of pricing and hosting features.


Pressidium despite being a very young company has expanded its roots in multiple locations. With dedicated WordPress hosting only, the company attracts individuals and companies who believe in getting quality services without thinking twice about the price.

In comparison to other web hosting companies, the prices on Pressidium are on the higher side but the hardware they use on the servers and quick response time from customer care definitely justify the price. In case the website uses more resources than expected, the company absorbs the cost.

However, if it happens on repeated occasions they will suggest a planned upgrade. In business and enterprise packages you will get an account manager as well. The email system with Pressidium is top quality and you can run all your emails without any glitches.

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Pressidium is the best WordPress hosting solution for any startup or enterprise in 2019

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