5 Powerful Lead Generation Tactics That Can Give Startups a Vast Boost

Multiple studies have confirmed that retaining old customers pays off more than acquiring new ones.

Unfortunately, customer retention doesn’t do the trick when you have too few customers to retain in the first place. Or, if you’ve, like many startups out there, just started acquiring.

When retention can’t help you out, generation must be impeccable.

Getting new leads and converting them into customers can take some time and money. The least you can do to save your resources, which is imperative for startups, is to capture as many high-quality leads as you possibly can.

It’s time to think about the long-term and make informed decisions.

Following these 5 best lead generation tactics mentioned below can fill your sales funnel with hot leads.

1. Promote Your Brand Across All Channels

Promote Your Brand Across All Channels

Lead generation may be the first phase in building long-lasting customer relationships, but it’s still a few steps away from launching a brand. Presuming you’ve already passed these initial steps and have a clear business goal, brand message, and defined target audience, it’s time for promotion.

Marketing provides a shortcut to conversions as it allows you to address your future customers in a strategic way and with the right message. But, marketing can be tricky when you’re running a startup on a budget.

To avoid spending more than you need to, start with social media and email. Even more importantly, start creating attention-grabbing content.

Build a blog, if you haven’t already, and have a couple of great articles you can share on social media. If your content is any good, it will send your new social media followers directly to your website. That’s how you build social media presence and website traffic one baby step at the time.

2. Make Your Landing Pages Very Actionable

What do you do once your social media audience finally arrives at your landing page? How do you convince them to stay for a bit longer?

In under a few short minutes, your landing page should do the impossible. First, it needs to intrigue your first-time website visitor with an attractive design. Then, the landing page should introduce your brand very concisely, but convincingly. And finally, it must prompt the visitor to take action.

Here’s a checklist for an effective led gen landing page:

  • Introduce your brand experience through cool imagery.
  • Explain who you are using a short and scannable copy.
  • Build trust fast with privacy signals and endorsements.
  • Add a live chat option in case visitors have questions.
  • Conclude with a short and sweet lead capture form.

What you do with your lead capture form makes all the difference. Remember – the visitors will leave their information only if they like what they see and if that’s not too much of a trouble. Ask only for the necessary information – name and email address. Everything else will turn them off.

3. Use a Quizz as a Cheap Two-in-One Solution

Use a Quiz

A quiz is an effective brand promotion tool.

Using a simple online assessment software solution, you can create engaging quizzes that tackle popular questions by promoting your brand. For instance, you can create a personality quiz “Which Game of Thrones Character Are You” with questions revolving around your products.

The only thing you need is a bit of creativity.

But a quiz is more than an engagement solution that warms up cold leads.

It can actually serve as a lead generation tool that collects info on potential customers. A quiz can be nothing more than a pastime, in which instance you’ll ask the quiz takes to leave their email address so that you can send their quiz results to them. They can opt-in for emails later on.

Alternatively, you can use your online exam software to create a comprehensive quiz that collects key information on your potential customers’ online behavior, purchasing habits, and brand preferences. Armed with that insight, you can create targeted marketing campaigns for cheap.

4. Create a Myriad of Opt-In Opportunities

Depending on what you’re selling, you’ll probably have tons of niche-related content to offer to your website visitors in exchange for their information and email address. This content is different from blog posts that you’ll be sharing on social media. Make it more thorough and exclusive.

Frequent opt-in opportunities include:

  • Webinars
  • Free reports
  • Live demos
  • Expert guides
  • eBooks

This is a more serious, 10x content that must be 100% original and unique, but it is also well-researched and fact-dense. It must provide real value, most usually in the form of information that your visitors won’t be able to find anywhere else. An opt-in should be an offer they cannot refuse.

You should have one opt-in for every page on your website.

It goes without saying that the content you’re offering in exchange for lead information must be highly relevant to that page. As a life coach, for instance, you’ll certainly have a blog post about how to achieve mindfulness. Add an opt-in pop-up to it, offering a whole eBook on that subject.

5. Start Offering Cool Freebies and Demos

It’s true that a great product sells itself, but only in the context of well-established brands that people already know about. This is not a case when you’re an anonymous startup. Your product may be the best on the market, but it cannot possibly sell itself if nobody knows how good it is.

That’s why you need to start working on freebies and demos.

Whatever you’re selling, freebies and demos are beyond question the most effective lead generation technique. And if your product is really that good, they can help you skip a step or two and convert a customer right away. If your product is really that good, they’ll throw money on it.


Capturing leads as a startup requires a lot of creativity and inventiveness. Using your content as your biggest asset, you’ll hopefully be able to compensate for the lack of marketing cash. The more time you devote to your content strategy and your lead gen forms, the faster you’ll grow.

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