JaguarPC Hosting Review 2020 + Discount and Offers

JaguarPC was launched in 1998, it has been more than 20 years since it started as a small privately-owned hosting company. Initially, it was a small ISP/Web service provider and operated from Colorado for the first few years. Later on, the company expanded its roots in Atlanta, Chicago and Houston followed by the United Kingdom.

JaguarPC Review 2020

JaguarPC Hosting Review

One of the notable features of the company is that in the past 9 years not even a single server has faced a power outage, all thanks to 14 backup generators. The company is known for providing high-quality web hosting services at very affordable prices.

JaguarPC specializes in managed web hosting and has numerous packages best suited for companies and clients of different requirements.

JaguarPC Hosting Plans and Pricing

The company deals with dedicated WordPress hosting and web hosting. You can choose the package according to your traffic and other requirements.

WordPress Hosting

Currently, JaguarPC offers three different packages in WordPress hosting as follows:

JaguarPC WordPress Hosting

WP Hosting

According to JaguarPC, this is the best package for those who have a small WordPress based website or for those who are just starting with a blog based on self-hosting WordPress panel. It costs only $3.96 per month. You can host one website under this package and you will get 1 GB of SSD storage. This package is suited for the websites with up to 40k visitors per month.

WP Dev

This is best suited for WordPress developers and small businesses. You will get 50 GB SSD storage on which you can host up to 4 websites. In total, the package is best suited for websites with up to 250k visitors per month. It will cost you $11.96 per month.

WP Agency

It is a special package that combines the perfection of WordPress with cloud hosting. You can host up to 12 websites under this package and you will get 120 GB of cloud storage. There is no limit on bandwidth. It will cost you $25.56 per month.

Business Cloud Hosting

JaguarPC Business Hosting


There are two different packages available for businesses. The starter package is best suited for small businesses with up 50k visitors per month. You will get 20 GB of storage under this package and can host one website. It will cost you $6.97 per month.

Business Ecommerce

The second package is Business E-commerce which costs $20.96 per month. You will get 100 GB of cloud storage with unlimited bandwidth under this package. It is best suited for high traffic websites. You can host up to 5 websites under this package.

Cloud Server Hosting

JaguarPC Cloud Server Hosting

There are four packages that are available under cloud hosting:

SSD Cloud

Under this package, you will get 10 GB SSD Storage, 1 GB RAM, and 1 TB bandwidth. The package costs $5 per month.

Managed Cloud

You will get 40 GB SSD storage and 4 GB RAM under this package. It will cost you $39 per month.

Cloud Hosting

With 100 GB storage and up to 5 website support, this package costs $20.96 per month.

WordPress Cloud

You will get 20 GB storage, optimized WordPress and SSL at only $6.97 per month.

Reseller Hosting

JaguarPC Reseller Hosting

Those who want to host multiple websites or want to resell hosting to their clients, this is the best option. There are three packages available that are:


Best suited for small service providers, this package costs $12.76 per month. You will get 40 GB storage with 500 GB bandwidth and can host up to 25 websites. With WHM you can provide cpanel to every customer.


Costing just $28.76, this package allows you to host 75 websites. You will get 100 GB storage with 2000 GB bandwidth.


With 300 GB storage capacity, 3000 GB bandwidth and 125 website support, it is best suited for hosting service providers with high traffic websites.

Dedicated servers

JaguarPC Dedicated Server Hosting

The company provides two types of dedicated servers that are managed and unmanaged as follows:


There are two packages available that are Managed Single and Managed Dual. You will get 32 GB RAM, 4 drives with 6TB per drive and up to 4 cores in Managed Single while in Managed Dual you will get 64 GB RAM, up to 12 cores processing and 4 drives with 6 TB per drive. Single costs $450 per month while Dual costs $595 per month.


The features are the same as managed and the difference is in price only. Unmanaged Single costs $89 per month while Unmanaged Dual costs $229 per month.

Speed and Performance

As per the reviews from the existing customers, the servers are up to 300% faster than most of the competitors in the market. The servers can handle up to 160 Gbps of data transfer. The company claims 100% uptime. In the last few years, there has never been a power outage.

Data Centers

The company has data centers in four major locations that are Houston, Atlanta, New York, and the United Kingdom.


The company provides high-end security features on its servers. Servers get regularly updated to ensure secure firewalls against any worm attack. The servers are designed to avoid DDoS attacks as well.

Customer Support

JaguarPC Customer Support

The company has a complete knowledge base where customers can check for the solution for the problems they are facing. In case the solution is not available in the knowledge base, the 24×7 customer support is always there to provide additional help.

You can contact them via the chat feature on the website, email and on social media platforms like Twitter as well. The response time is fairly good on every platform.

The company encourages users to follow their social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook to get a quick response from the support team and to learn about new features and offers.

Pros and Cons of JaguarPC

Pros of JaguarPC

  • Fast and reliable: The servers are fast, secure and reliable with 99.999% uptime guaranteed.
  • Customer support: The Company provides round-the-clock customer support to all its users. You can contact them on multiple platforms to get a solution to any problem you are facing.
  • Quick WordPress support: If you are using WordPress as your Content Management System, the dedicated team of experts can provide you with additional support.
  • Affordable: With packages starting at just $3.96, all the services provided by JaguarPC are affordable. From time to time the company also offers special discounts for existing and new customers.

Cons of JaguarPC

  • There have been some complaints about server overload and delayed support from some customers.

Discounts and offers

You can avail of great discounts while making the first purchase. The company offers special discounts on occasions like New Year, Christmas, Black Friday, etc. for the existing and new customers. From time-to-time, the company publishes new offers on its website.

JaguarPC Alternatives

If you are looking for JaguarPC alternatives then you can choose GreenGeeks, Scala Hosting, SiteGround.

JaguarPC Comparison with Bluehost, HostGator, and GoDaddy Hosting

JaguarPC vs Bluehost vs HostGator vs GoDaddy


With over 300,000 websites hosted on their servers from all across the world, JaguarPC is one of the oldest and most reliable web hosting company. It offers special packages depending on your requirements.

You can get support from their customer care department anytime you want and they are hyperactive on their social media platforms. The company grew from a small enterprise to a well-known web hosting service provider in the last two decades. It owns data centers in the US and UK and has both managed and unmanaged servers to support heavy traffic websites.

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JaguarPC is the oldest and most affordable hosting provider company.

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