How to Get Real Instagram Followers Fast and Free in 2019

Are you looking for how to get real Instagram followers fast and free? Finally, you are at the right place we have provided tips to increase Instagram followers.

Instagram is the most popular and trending social network these days. According to statista, Instagram has 700 million active users in April 2017.

The more followers you have the more popular you become. People follow someone who is popular than who isn’t.

Let’s get into the article, to know more about how to increase your real Instagram followers.

How to Get Real Instagram Followers Fast and Free

  • Complete Profile

Make sure your account is complete with essential content in bio, use an eye-catching profile picture. Include relevant keywords and hashtags in the bio.

The bio should have clear descriptive about who you are? What do you do? What the project is? Where to find more info about it (link)? This gives trust in your profile and people like to follow you.

To gain anything the first key to success is trust building and you can do it here by being genuine.

  • Use Currently Trending Mentions and Hashtags

If you notice some of the popular person or a Hashtag is trending. You have to find a way to use that hashtag or mention the person in your next post. This will drag visitors to your profile and if they find it interesting they will definitely follow you.

  • Create Captions in Detail

When you are adding a caption to your photos, use different content that will make your readers stop and read. The captions like double-tap if you agree and call-to-action captions like for more posts follow this page.

  • Peak Time Posts

An Instagram photo has a short lifespan as it stays only until four hours in the Instagram community and it disappears.

The weekend is the best time to post interesting and attractive posts to grab audience onto your post and follow you. On the rest of the days, post morning and evening after work are the best time to post.

  • Limit Your Uploads

Don’t post too many photos in a day; limit your photos from 2 to 4 stunning photos with attractive captions each day. If you post many photos the people who follow you get irritated, change their mind, and finally un-follow you.

  • Follow In Reverse

The easiest way to attract more followers is to follow them in reverse so that they will get into your page and follow you. This is just making them know about your profile.

People who are in the intention of making more followers and people who like your profile will definitely follow you in reverse to not lose you.

  • Interact in Other’s Posts

You have to interact with the people on commenting on their post to make them notice your account. Give the eye-catching comments to make them get into your profile and follow you.

  • Repost

If you have friendly connections with any of the person or celebrity, who is having more followers ask them to repost one of your best posts. This will surely help you to get noticed by many and can gain followers.

Repost the content of the people who have shared your post or mentioned you in their post. This will surely help you to boost your Instagram followers.

  • Promote Yourself

Promote your Instagram account by sharing the account name through every email sent and on your business cards. You can promote your account on your social media accounts through comments and posts to make people notice and follow you.

  • Post Regularly

You have to schedule your posts to publish on your Instagram account consistently without leaving a day. This is one of the keys to gain more followers.

  • Use GeoTagging

If you GeoTag your photos the others who post in your region will see your posts. You can also geotag the hotels, restaurants, museums, etc to increase your follower’s count.

  • Be Consistent

Understand why you are posting and what you are posting because to increase followers you should stay consistent about these things.

  • Search People

Search for people, who are new on Instagram to gain their attention and to make them follow you. Follow people having captions in the bio and on posts like #follow4follow, #followme, # likeforlike, etc. Many of the people will follow you back, which increases your followers count.

  • Follow Suggested Users

Go to your account, click on the menu, and select discover people option. Under this, you will have suggestions of people to follow them. And in return, they also follow you, and this will increase your followers fast.

  • Tell Engaging Stories

Use your image caption to tell a story because it helps to create an emotional connection to your brand or product and followers.

  • Edit – Add Effects

Before posting a photo, you have to add effects, and necessary edits to your photo to make it eye-catching. It helps to attract visitors and helps to boost your Instagram followers.

Closing Words

Here, you have known how to get real Instagram followers fast and free which increases your followers drastically. Do you still have any queries and suggestions?

Let us know in the comment section and we will get back to you as early as possible. Share your ideas and experiences of increasing followers on Instagram which helps other readers.

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