Hostwinds Review 2020: Plans, Pricing, Coupon Code, Pros & Cons

With a wide range of configurations and options, Hostwinds provides top web hosting services that appeal to both small and medium-sized businesses. All the services and features are mentioned in this Hostwinds review article.

Hostwinds Review 2020

Hostwinds Review

If you are looking for great service, prompt customer support and Bitcoin as a payment method, Hostwinds will definitely be one of the best options for you. It has to be noted that beyond providing Bitcoin as a payment option, the company does not provide any other special anatomy feature.

Hostwinds Hosting plans

The company offers both Windows and Linux based hosting services. Some of the most popular hosting plans are:

Shared Hosting Plans:

Hostwinds Shared Hosting Review

Starting from just $3.29 per month, this is one of the cheapest plans Hostwinds has to offer. There is no cap on space and bandwidth usage under this plan. There are three sub-plans allowing 1, 4 and an unlimited number of domains.

Business Hosting:

If you are looking for speed and reliability at an affordable price, this is the right choice for you. This plan is basically for small businesses that are looking for a reliable web hosting that offers good bandwidth and stable email system.

Cloud Hosting Plans:

Hostwinds Cloud Hosting Review

You can avail of hourly or monthly billing based on your requirements. It is one of the most stable cloud services you can find over the internet. For each cloud server, the company promises a minimum of 1 GB port.

VPS Hosting Plans:

Hostwinds VPS Hosting Review

Hostwinds is one of the best VPS hosting companies. Virtual private servers are best for those who have high traffic websites but do not want to shift to a dedicated server. The VPS is available in both Windows and Linux with managed and unmanaged plans. The price starts at just $4.49 per month for unmanaged and $5.17 for managed plans.

Dedicated Hosting Plans:

Hostwinds Dedicated Hosting Review

Starting at just $106 per month, the company offers managed and unmanaged servers for the clients. There are 100 different server configurations available which you can further customize as per your requirement at the time of purchase.

WordPress Hosting Plans:

The company offers special packages for those who want to host WordPress based websites on their servers. The plan starts at just $4.99 per month and has special add-ons which help in enhancing WordPress hosting experience.

Reseller Hosting:

These packages are ideal for those customers who own web development companies or want to provide hosting solutions at a smaller scale. The plans start at just $25 per month. You can also opt for VPS hosting for reselling purposes.

Speed and Performance

Hostwinds promises the top-notch configuration and best hardware in the servers which ensure high speed and better performance. The company guarantees 99.999% uptime which is not easy to match.

Money-back guarantee / Refund Policy

Hostwinds Money Back Guarantee

The company offers a 60-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked. You can use any package for 60 days and if you do not like the services you can ask for a refund.

Customer support

This is where Hostwinds beats a lot of competitors. The company is known for a prompt reply from the customer care executives on all mediums including chat and email. They are prompt in replying at their social media handles as well.

Data Centers

Hostwinds has data centers on two locations that are Seattle, Washington, and Dallas, Texas.

The data center in Texas was the first establishment of the company. The data centers have complete power backup and there is no point of failure that eliminated the possibility of downtime because of a power outage. The entire data centers are temperature-controlled and sealed to avoid any air from the outside.

Pros and Cons of Hostwinds

Pros of Hostwinds:

  • Speed: All the servers at hostwinds data centers have modern hardware and get regular updates. If compared to competitors, the servers are 400% faster than others in many cases.
  • Reliability: With real-time data back and 24×7 power backup, the company provides 99.999% uptime which is hard to match. The highly secure servers provide you security from threats like malware, viruses, etc.
  • Customer support: The Company provides 24x7x365 customer support and it is active on all platforms. It has an inbuilt chat system on the website where costumers can directly contact the representatives. The company representatives are active on social media platforms as well like Facebook and Twitter where they regularly and promptly reply to the queries.

Cons of Hostwinds:

  • Lack of windows option: There are a number of plans available with Hostwinds that do not have Windows option.
  • Lack of clarity about affiliate program: The company provides a comprehensive affiliate program but it is not easy to understand.
  • Loss of data during transfer: Some customers have reported a loss of data during transferring a website from Hostwinds to other service providers however such cases are very less in numbers.

Coupon Code and Discount Offers

On average, the company provides 10% to 60% discounts on web hosting packages. These offers can be availed during special occasions like Christmas, New Year, Black Friday and many others. Also, the company offers discount coupons to new and existing customers from time to time. You can check the current discount offers on their website.

Hostwinds Alternatives

There are very few companies that stand in comparison to Hostwinds. Some of the big players that give tough competition to Hostwinds in term of services and price are:

  • SiteGround: This company has worldwide penetration and offers web hosting services at a very affordable price.
  • Cloudways: A well-known name in the field of cloud hosting services, It has a vast reach and custom packages as well.


While reviewing the service provider, the overall experience with the company was excellent. From setting up the account to transferring an existing website on their server, the whole process was smooth. The customer service was excellent and prompts on all platforms.

Performance-wise the load time was better than the majority of the service providers and uptime was as par with the claim made by Hostwinds. If you have a small business website with limited traffic, a low-cost entry-level hosting package will be more than enough for you. However in case you have a high traffic website you should opt for VPS or a dedicated server with Hostwinds.

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Hostwinds Review 2020
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A hosting service provider with the best customer service and 99.99 uptime. If you need the best hosting service provider then Hostwinds is the best host for you.

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