Top 9 Highest Paying Affiliate Networks for 2024

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What is an Affiliate Network?

An affiliate network is an intermediate platform between affiliate marketers and merchants. Affiliate marketers are the publishers who sell products and services.

Merchants, on the other hand, create affiliate programs and create products and services. Affiliate network services are different for publishers (affiliate marketers) and advertisers (merchants).

Affiliate Network Services

For publishers, affiliate networks are the platform to provide them with reporting tools, analytics, payment processing, and a simple registration platform.

For advertisers, affiliate networks offer affiliate management, payment and refund processing, and the most essential – access to a large group of affiliate marketers.

Publishers can join affiliate networks free of cost. Merchants need to pay an advertising fee to join affiliate networks.

Publishers can get paid through various payout models like CPS (cost per sale) and CPA (cost per action). Affiliate commission depends on the bid amount a merchant pay to create products and services.

Now it’s also essential for you to know about CPS and CPA.

  • Publishers are paid affiliate commission by the affiliate networks on every product sale. So it is termed as Cost Per Sale (CPS). This can be also referred to as PPS (Pay Per Sale). It is a low risk and high revenue-sharing model used by advertisers to attract a large number of buyers for their products and services. CPS model usually pays the highest affiliate commission percentage to publishers as they produce leads to merchants.
  • CPA, on the other hand, is another model to pay marketers for every action such as clicks, impressions, signups, registrations, or opt-ins by the referrals or leads.

Now it’s time to let the readers know about the top highest paying affiliate networks.

List of Highest Paying Affiliate Networks for 2024

1. Amazon Associates: (

This affiliate network does not require any introduction as it is world-famous. Amazon is the largest one-stop online marketing platform, currently owing more than 100 billion + products and emerging 500 + products on a weekly basis.

It also supports vendors to sell their products and welcomes affiliates to help vendors by providing them, potential buyers. Amazon is the highest paying affiliate network currently running its business in over 150 + countries around the globe.

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2. ShareASale: (

This is the most efficient, fast, and accurate affiliate network. It lets the customer go through all sorts of technologies and a large platform to provide the required business growth. Vendors can track real-time clicks and organize data to connect with an accurate affiliate marketing strategy.

Vendors, as well as marketers, can get in touch with the support team to get assistance in all aspects. Publishers can earn high affiliate revenue by monetizing their web assets.

3. eBay Partner Network: (

eBay is one of the most loving affiliate programs for vendors as well as affiliates. If you are willing to attract potential buyers for your products and services, you can join this network just by signup on eBay’s partner network site.

Publishers can also signup to join this great affiliate marketplace as well as the world’s largest e-commerce marketplace.

4. CJ Affiliate: (

It is the most popular affiliate marketing network in the world. They provide a platform where advertisers and publishers can create partnerships easily.

If you are looking for an Indian affiliate networking program then CJ affiliate is the best for you. You can also find more customers in this program.

CJ affiliate network is the best affiliate network for both advertisers to get more sales and publishers to make money online.

5. Clickbank: (

Clickbank is one of the most popular affiliate networks providing its services for 17 years. If you are willing to a great marketplace to attract leads or potential buyers to your products and services, you may join Clickbank with minimal advertising fees.

Publishers can join the Clickbank affiliate network to get paid the highest affiliate commission through CPA or CPS paying models.

Around 200 million customers worldwide are reaching Clickbank in order to buy a vast range of over 6 million unique products. Hence, you may say to Clickbank, a huge online retailer.

6. Rakuten: (

Rakuten is one of the most prominent and top-ranked worldwide e-commerce companies. The company currently owns more than 90,000 unique products with numerous categories and almost 18 billion potential customers all around the world.

It’s a great online marketing place for both advertisers and marketers. Due to the large crowd of affiliate marketers, advertisers can attract leads to their products and services with a cost-effective advertising module. Publishers are also welcome to monetize their online assets to make money.

7. Terra leads: (

It’s the world’s first CPA affiliate network. It offers advertising to promote its products and services for various niches like beauty, diet, health, and adults.

The majority of advertisers select this affiliate network to advertise their services for the real-time possibilities to track leads, multiple language support, and free translation services. It allows publishers to withdraw money daily via multiple payment modes.

8. Crack Revenue: (

This CPA affiliate network has been offering its services since 2010. Crack revenue affiliate marketing services include the most cutting-edge tools like Smartlinks, Surveys…etc.

This network is really a leader in this field as it covers the top traffic monetization products and has years of extensive affiliate marketing experience.

A great selection of high-paying offers, top-notch support, and a dedicated team of affiliate managers are some of the additional pros of this affiliate network.

9. JVZoo: (

It is the fastest-growing affiliate marketing program on the web. There are many products in all niches available to promote on your website.

To promote a product you need to get approval from the product vendor.

Final Words

Affiliate networks are the trendy need of all e-commerce stores. This is nothing but the modern way of advertising and paying commission for every action or sale. All the above affiliate networks are equipped with cutting-edge technologies and various marketing management tools.

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