Genesis Framework Review – Is it still Good in 2024?

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It is undeniable that the way you present your website has a huge effect on audience interaction. The more appealing website design you have, the better the audience retention is. However, making the design appealing is not enough. It also needs to be secure without compromising the speed.

Thus, it becomes necessary that you choose the best possible framework that fulfills all three essential aspects. And if you want the best WordPress theme, the Genesis framework is the best choice.

Due to its easy-to-use themes and perfect optimization for search engines, it has gained the attention of a large proportion of the population. Furthermore, it is well-coded for all the websites and mobile responsive, along with being safe. To help you know more, here is a thorough Genesis framework review with all the necessary details mentioned.

What is Genesis Framework?

Genesis framework is basically a premium WordPress theme, responsible for handling the design along with layout aspects. It is one of the most powerful frameworks you can get your hands on. Experts designed it specifically to provide users with a search engine optimized framework. It is lightweight and also mobile responsive, which adds to its advantages.

Genesis Framework Review

It is one of the most integral parts of the website, which can never be ignored. WordPress is the driving force of a website, while this framework takes the responsibility of providing it with the desired structure. From the basic design to the SEO foundation, the importance of the framework is irreplaceable.

In addition, Genesis can also support a pretty wide range of child themes. So just by installing those on the framework, you can customize and change the website’s appearance without putting too much effort.

Check out the best Genesis child themes for 2024.

Features of Genesis Framework

If you are wondering about all the features this particular framework offers, here is the compiled list of all the factors that make it stand apart among the plethora of options.

  • It costs you absolutely nothing as it is free for everyone
  • The theme is mobile responsive
  • One-click theme setup can make the whole process effortless
  • The framework is search engine friendly
  • Complete access to Gutenberg block editor
  • Pretty lightweight WordPress theme framework
  • Options include: one column, two columns, and three columns
  • It comes with a theme customizer that lets you tweak the setting, content, and colors or the theme
  • You get to see a preview to see the real-time changes
  • Custom background, custom menu, custom header, and custom page templates
  • You can upload your very own logo thanks to the customizable header

Hence, it is no secret that the Genesis framework has pretty much everything that you would want in an ideal framework.


Genesis Framework is completely free now. You can get it from here.

But if you want to get premium Genesis child themes then you have the following two options where you have access of all the premium Genesis child themes,

Option 1 – Free

Option 2 – $360/yr

Should you use Genesis in 2024?

Since there are multiple options of WordPress themes to choose from then why should you use the Genesis framework?

To answer this important question, here are listed all the benefits that you get only on this particular theme framework.

It Is Free

The first and foremost reason for choosing the Genesis framework is that it will not charge you any money. It is now open-source. However, if this framework had caught your attention before, you must have noticed it was priced at $59.

It is free to access and the process of getting your hands on it also is not difficult at all. First, you only need to enter your name along with your email. Then request the zip file download that contains the genesis framework.

Access To Page Building Blocks

Another factor that makes the Genesis framework better than others is the exclusive access provided to a great plugin named Genesis Blocks. This can help you add multiple site-building blocks to assist you in the customization of page layouts.

This plugin is also free, and it offers multiple benefits as well. You can customize the buttons and page layouts. Here are some of its features:

  • Full-page layout design
  • Newsletter block
  • Pricing block
  • Container block
  • Post grid block
  • Additional content blocks
  • Testimonial blocks

Thus, this plugin of Gutenberg can be used for the premium block library and also for the block editor enhancements.

Search Engine Optimized Framework

Genesis framework’s optimization for search engines, especially Google, is why it is so popular today. The clever design of this framework is paired with clean and optimized code. Such a combination eliminates the need for extra coding work.

As the development of the Genesis framework is performed by a team of WordPress experts and developers, you can expect the best possible result. All the experts had years of experience in building websites that are search engine friendly, which explains why the Genesis framework can fulfill all your SEO needs.

Pros & Cons of Genesis Framework

Genesis Framework has its pros and cons that one needs to consider. Here are listed all those advantages and disadvantages that you can expect.


  • Genesis Framework is Gutenberg-ready.
  • It is free to use, meaning you need not pay a penny.
  • SEO-optimized
  • As it is entirely mobile responsive, the website becomes optimized to be used in all screen sizes, browsers, and devices.
  • You also get 10 StudioPress themes. When you grab hosting from Flywheel or WP Engine, you get access to these.
  • The framework can be used on innumerable sites, even your clients’ websites.
  • Custom page templates
  • Unlimited updates from Genesis as long as you live
  • Complete support and forums
  • A plethora of them widgets to help add ads to anything, including the banners effortlessly


  • If you plan to go for the Genesis Pro, you will have to spend money as it is not free of cost.
  • The cost of Genesis Pro is $360, which is expensive according to many users.


Genesis framework provides you with the easiest customization you can expect. Even as a beginner, you do not have to spend your time learning the process through tutorials and other stuff. Hence, if you are searching for clean and optimized code, this is a perfect choice.

With the fantastic features like SEO-friendly design and mobile responsiveness, you sure will be left amazed by it. So if you have not snatched the opportunity of using it, now is the time to do so.

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