Free vs Premium WordPress Themes – Which to Choose in 2024?

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If you are looking for a free vs premium WordPress themes comparison then here we explained all the key differences between free and premium WordPress themes.

Many people believe that the paid version will be of higher quality when you spend for something rather than getting it for free. But when we are talking about the WordPress themes, it depends, because bugs, performance problems, and missing elements are still possible with premium WordPress themes.

When you use WordPress, you will discover that just because a theme is free, does not imply it is bad, and just because a theme costs money does not signify that it is too good. You must decide based on all your requirements.

If you are confused about which to choose, free WordPress themes or premium WordPress themes then you have landed in the right place.

Free vs Premium WordPress Themes

Here we have mentioned the advantages and disadvantages of free and premium WordPress themes that will make the work easy for you to choose the theme.

Advantages of Free WordPress Themes

If you are thinking of utilizing a free version of WordPress theme, you should choose from the official website of WordPress only. Now let’s dive into all the benefits you will be getting from the free WordPress themes.

  • It is free of cost

The most significant advantage of a free WordPress theme is that it is available free of cost. It decreases the entry level for starting a blog as a beginner. Many people, however, are wary when they hear the word “free.” Why would someone deliver you with a free theme while others sell premium themes? What is the snag?

Many people believe that free themes are of poor quality. But in reality, it is the opposite. The main difference between the free and premium WordPress themes is the features. Free themes have less while premium themes have higher features.

  • Free themes are easy to use

Another advantage of using free themes is that they are easy to use. These themes are typically easy to use for every beginner, and they also work well with plugins.

  • Free themes have simple and minimal design

Free themes are elementary and minimal because they do not include numerous features and widgets. These themes are ideal for anyone starting a personal blog or who wants to create a portfolio.

The advantage of using a simple and minimal design theme is that it loads promptly and performs competently because it amasses fewer functionalities.

  • Free WordPress themes have a strict analysis process

The quality of free WordPress themes is higher. All themes in the official WordPress theme catalog have been subjected to a particular theme review method.

The theme review board comprises some highly talented individuals who evaluate and examine these themes before they are added to the catalog.

Disadvantages of Free WordPress Themes

You can not have it all with free themes. You will have to make a lot of sacrifices.

Let us look at some of the drawbacks of using free WordPress themes.

  • There is nothing unique about free themes

Most of the free themes of WordPress have a large number of downloads. Many people have used the exact theme as you for their blogging website.

Furthermore, making the theme unique by customizing it is not a great idea because customization choices are limited.

  • Inadequate Support

If you run into problems with your theme, you can not even think about getting help from the developer. Though WordPress support is always available to assist you, they are not obligated to respond to your specific questions.

Also, there is no confirmation that you will receive a prompt response or solution.

  • Functionality is limited

The fact that they are free does not imply that they are devoid of features. However, free themes have basic WordPress features. When it comes to some extra, none of the free themes deliver anything unique.

  • Security Concerns

If you use a free theme obtained from a third-party source, you put at risk your security. You have no idea how the code in the theme was formatted. It might be buggy, which would ruin the entire user experience.

Advantages of Premium WordPress Themes

Premium WordPress themes, as opposed to free ones, can be purchased from a variety of third-party well-known WordPress theme developers or marketplaces.

You can buy premium themes from the following well known and best WordPress theme providers,

  • Better features and completely customizable

The most significant benefit of a premium WordPress theme is that it provides extra features and customization choices. Due to the high competition in the premium theme business, well-known theme developers constantly attempt to offer different features at lower rates.

As a client, you will receive themes with features such as

  • Bunch of starter templates
  • Drag and drop builders
  • Shortcodes
  • Multiple Website layouts
  • Highly SEO optimized
  • Fast loading themes
  • Unlimited website usage

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  • Genuine support and more updates

Periodic updates and support are provided with the premium WordPress themes. The main reason for this is that these developers make money rather than provide services for free.

  • Compatible with a variety of browsers

You have no idea which browsers your visitors are using. You must ensure that your theme is consistent with their browsers. A premium WordPress theme will provide you with an advantage over a free theme in terms of browser compatibility.

Disadvantages of Premium WordPress Themes

Not every premium theme is flawless. Here are a few examples of common disadvantages of using premium versions of WordPress themes.

  • Poor Code Quality

You might purchase a premium WordPress theme with a nice appearance but amasses poor coding criteria, making it inconsistent with some or many plugins. This is mainly because these themes do not have to pass a rigorous review process.

  • Excessive features

To sell extra themes, premium theme developers may include a disproportionate number of unnecessary components in their themes. You are unlikely to use all of those features, but they are still there, slowing down your website.

  • Intersection into the domain of plugins

WordPress premium themes can periodically cross over into the domain of plugins, delivering functionality they are not deemed to offer. For example, you could generate custom post types, shortcodes, and other items that would vanish as soon as you changed themes.

Free vs Premium WordPress Themes – Which to Choose?

We have enclosed everything in the article about free vs premium WordPress themes. It is now entirely up to you.

If you are looking for a full-featured and stylish theme then you can choose the paid themes or else beginners who want a simple theme just to start a new blog then he can choose a free theme from the official WordPress theme directory.

There is nothing erroneous with using a free version of the WordPress theme; make sure it is only from the WordPress theme catalog. You need to specify your requirements, and you are ready to go.

If you do not want anything fancy and wish to keep it simple for yourself, the free themes are the way to go. But if you expect some jingles and many deals, the premium WordPress theme is the way to go.

Check the following themes that will fulfill your all the requirements,

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  1. Choosing a good theme is one of the most important steps for designing a WordPress website. Personally, I have used free themes many times, but due to the many problems that free themes have (such as the lack of personalization and the lack of regular and long-term updates by the theme manufacturer), I have finally used premium themes on my site. And I recommend that you don’t use free themes at all (especially if your goals are long-term)


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