How to Change WordPress Admin Username (3 Easy Methods)

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WordPress is the most popular and widely used CMS platform to create awesome websites.

Undoubtedly, WordPress is a secure platform to create a website but still, hackers are trying to hack the WordPress website due to some known vulnerabilities like admin username.

By default, the username of the admin account is “admin” and everyone knows about it. That’s why it’s easy for hackers to do “brute-force attacks” on WordPress websites.

If your admin username is still “admin” then you should change it as soon as possible because the only thing a hacker needs to hack your website is the password.

If you have a different username and a hard password then it will be hard for any hacker to hack your website.

So here, I have given 3 simple ways to change the WordPress admin username.

3 Ways to Change WordPress Admin Username

1. Create a New Admin User Account

This is one of the simple and easy ways that any newbie can do it.

Here, you need to create a new user account by giving it an admin role. Make sure that you choose a different username that you will be able to know for this new admin account.

Once, you have created a new admin account, log in to your new user account.

Go to all user accounts then delete the old admin account.

When you delete the old admin account, it will ask you to select attribute all old admin content to the new admin. In the following screenshot, I have created a new admin account by using the username “newadmin”.

New Admin Account

After selecting the second option, click on “Confirm Deletion”. That’s it.

2. Use Plugin to Change Admin Username

This is also a very easy method to change the WordPress admin username.

Here, you can install any of the following WordPress plugins to change the admin username.

3. Using phpMyAdmin

This is a little complicated and hard method for non-technical persons. I do not recommend you to use this method to change the WordPress admin username.

If you are technical and have knowledge about coding then you can change the admin username using phpMyAdmin. You can read here the full guidelines to change the admin username through phpMyAdmin.


Here, I have shared 3 methods to change the admin username. Two of them are very simple and the third one is a little hard which is not recommended for everyone.

I hope you have liked this article. If you have any questions or need help with any WordPress error then please let me know through comment. I will give you a very simple and easy way to solve it.

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