5 Types of Blogs to Create for Affiliate Marketing Income

Affiliate Marketing is one of the top ways bloggers make money blogging. It can allow you to build a healthy, sustainable source of income for the rest of your days.

At the same time, like any other online business, Affiliate Marketing isn’t a bed of roses. It requires a lot of work, alertness and a constantly renewed strategy.

There are different types of blogs one can create today. But if you want to experience the level of success that keeps you excited in the business, you should consider creating one or more of the types I want to discuss with you in this post.

What is Affiliate Marketing in the first place?

It’s simply a way to make money online without owning a product. What happens if you promote products/services created and published by other companies. Each time you generate a sale through your tracking URL (called an affiliate link), you are paid a commission.

The commissions and the amount of money you make largely depends on several different factors. But for the sake of quick understanding, let’s take a simple example.

If you signup and promote a web hosting offer that pays you $70 in commission per sale, and you generate 10 sales a month, which means your earnings from that single product is $700.

Every month, the company will sum up everything you’ve earned and sent it to you like your monthly affiliate earnings. If you promote different products and earn those commissions, your monthly income could build up to something worth depending on.

Later on in this article, I’m going to give you some beautiful suggestions to build a profitable affiliate marketing business for consistent and growing blogging income.

What are the different Affiliate Marketing blogs you can build?

People build different types of blogs. But some have more power to generate affiliate income than others. Here are 5 of the kind of websites you can create and monetize with Affiliate Marketing.

1) Personal blog

This is one of the types of blogs that can really open up Affiliate Marketing income doors. A personal blog is simply your blog where you share personal stuff. It’s just everything about what you think.

Make it your brand and a go-to blog for your community, for some inspiration and knowledge on things you regularly cover. I have a personal blog on which I cover SEO, Blogging Tips, WordPress, Business tips, Content Marketing and Online money making stuff. My readers know what to expect from me at any time.

As you constantly publish content, building your marketplace, you can start applying the technics expounded on this blog post, read more about the business, buy courses and grow your income.

2) Product Review Blog

This is one big income generator but has a lot of work if you want to stand out. You ain’t just going to throw out a text about a product. You are going to dig deeper into any product and bring out unbiased information that will guide your readers towards taking an informed decision.

Monetizing a review site with Affiliate Marketing is simple. All you do is sign up for the affiliate programs of the products reviewed and link to them on your affiliate links. Any sales generated should credit commissions to your account.

3) Niche blogs

Niche blogs are blogs with content focused on a specific industry or a section of the industry. A good example could be a blog that’s uniquely WordPress stuff. Another example may be a blog that’s tidily on Web Hosting.

I had one niche blog I built in the past on Combat Knives. It was everything about these knives and this attracted a huge readership from users of this tool.

Building and ranking a niche blog in search engines generate a lot of affiliate income. Mine was built for the amazon affiliate platform. But you can really expand this to cover more platforms and more products depending on the niche you pick.

4) Product comparison

This is much more like a review site but rather focuses on how products are different. Each article on this site compares two or more products in a tabular form or just simple text

As in other affiliate sites, you link to these products on your affiliate links. Take a look at this web hosting comparison post.

5) Coupon/Discount code sites

Discount codes are ways for people to save money online. As a matter of fact, I do not buy anything on the Internet without trying to find out if there is a coupon code for a reduction.

Create a blog where you publish promo codes on different products and earn commissions each time you help someone save.

According to the coupon Intelligence Report, 90% of consumers use coupons in some way. Millions of buyers online use coupons to save. Creating a dedicated coupon site not only opens up a huge income channel but allows you to tap into an ever-growing demand.

What do you need for a successful affiliate marketing blog?

Blogging to earn income with affiliate marketing is a serious business and a couple of things must be properly put in place. But I want to mention two of these because they are key to your success in the business:

1. The right tools

You are going to need the right tools. Basically, you need a reliable web hosting service. Poor hosting definitely will trigger downtimes. These are moments when your business website is not available online.

Each minute your website is offline could mean a huge loss to your business. That’s why you must not compromise this area of your business.

Here are some web hosting companies you should consider this year. They are known for their stability, performance and price friendliness.

2. The right Affiliate Marketing platforms

One of the problems Affiliate Marketing starters face is being able to pick the right products from the right platforms. You probably have read about promoting just products that are targeted to your audience. That’s perfectly correct. But where do you find those products and what do you look for?

My friend Nico Prins has posted on 6 Affiliate Marketing tools to supersize your growth. You can check the post here. This is basically about Affiliate Marketing platforms to sign up for and pick products to promote.

Here is another list of platforms for you to sign up for more products to promote and earn commissions.

Here are some tips to guide when choosing a targeted product to promote on your blog:

  1. Make sure the company is regular in paying commissions.
  2. Pay attention to conversion rates of the sales and checkout pages.
  3. One thing to consider is refunds. If the product gets a lot of refunds, think twice else you will be losing money.
  4. The amount earned in commissions. The bigger the percentage, the better.

How do you boost commissions for long term income?

You can actually build a long term income source with Affiliate Marketing. But you must put up working strategies to build a sustainable income source.

There are two things I want to recommend you focus on so your income flow doesn’t suffer from breakages:

1. Promote recurring payment products

This is by far the best way to build a long term sustainable Affiliate Marketing business. In this commission structure, you generate the sale one time and earn commissions over and over again.

How it works…

You promote a subscription platform. Each time you generate a sale, you are paid a commission. As your referrals keep renewing their membership fees, you get your commissions for as long as they are paid members.

If you make 30 sales/referrals on a paid membership site, it means each month, you will be paid from the renewal payments of the 30 sales.

If your referred members, however, cancel their subscription, you stop getting paid by the platform. So you should focus on products that are in demand to minimize account cancelation rate.

2. Optimize for SEO

Not paying attention and optimizing your Affiliate Marketing Website for search engine traffic is a big error. SEO simply stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is a complex topic altogether.

It’s all about everything you do to get your site show up on search engine result pages after a search is made. SEO traffic is most targeted because search engines deliver the most accurate results to user searches.

These are some SEO articles you may want to start with. You may also want to check out this SEO blog post on my blog for more on SEO tips.

But for faster results and more knowledge, you may want to buy some SEO courses online.

I believe with this information, you are able to create an affiliate marketing blog that makes money day in day out

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Enstine Muki is a Certified Cryptocurrency Expert and Full-time blogger. Check out one of his most read blog posts where he shares 15 different ways bloggers make money blogging.

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