7 Best Tools For Creating Irresistible Content For Social Media

Social networks have changed significantly in the past five years and honestly, this is a great understatement. New platforms turn into a mix of ideas whereas old platforms continue to develop their algorithms, rules, and fundamentals.

Constantly there are new things that are necessary to the study and use in social networks to get the most desired asset in this field i.e. “attention”.

“Attention” is the thing that never ebbs but continues to grow by any marketers and brands. Therefore, marketers always found worried about which text is better for social networks posts – single-line or whole paragraphs and found discussing the importance of hashtags. Because content is the only source that never goes out of fashion. Moreover, eye catchy content can engage more audience.

So, before moving further for the tools, let’s know about what content people like on social media:

What makes content look awesome on social networks?

Social networks are a noisy place. Here, your content is torn between video and gifs, which have become a trend for today. So, in order to attract the attention of a person who often scrolls the news feed mindlessly, you need something clearly catchy.

Does this mean that you need to create content that just screams about yourself? No, it’s far from it.

To get someone to interact with your content on broad social networks, you need to create exciting content that promises something in return for a time reading.

So, after analyzing your audience needs and demand you must start creating images, videos or other content for interaction with the audience.

Tools For Creating Irresistible Social Media Content

1. Canva


Canva is the most suitable tool for non-designers, because, it is fairly easy to use. Yes, you can create fun graphics for social networks using various templates, moreover, there is much more to use there. Like you can also develop advertisements, infographics, brochures and almost everything related to the web in a few minutes only.

There are also many subsections which are literally for each social network so that you can get the maximum benefit from it too. Even, it has an option to applying offline graphics.

2. Slideshare


LinkedIn owns this service and with automatically synchronized it become one of the largest social networks for today. On this service, you can download presentations that could potentially lie idle on your computer.

Sharing content on this service is as easy as possible. Just click on the button and you can send the document to your Facebook, Twitter and any social media account.

You can also add your presentations to your website using iFrame or WordPress.

3. Typeform


What is the easiest way to interact with a large group of people? And ask a Question. But sometimes, just asking one question is not enough to get a good response from your audience. And then Typeform will come to your aid. This is essentially an easy-to-learn quiz maker that will help you to ask questions of your audience.

With the help of drag-and-drop technology, you can combine various issues, including different samples, even based on images. Of course you can apply Yes / No answers and in general, your content will be able to roam to its fullest.

4. Playbuzz


If you may want to have fun with your audience. Interactive Playbuzz is one of the top trends in the world of social networking. Here, people create their own quiz using Playbuzz. It provides you with an easy and instant sharing with other social networks.

Playbuzz also gives you the opportunity to put together a few tests or questions for your audience. After the user completes answering them, he will immediately receive the result or discover a fun fact about himself. In general, you understand. Thus, it is very easy to interact with subscribers on many levels.

5. Picktochart


This service will give you the opportunity to turn survey results, statistics and other interesting data into an attractive infographic. This type of social content often scares many non-designers, because these seem to be very tricky and difficult to implement.

But, thanks to Piktochart, that simplifies the process by offering you over 600 templates to choose from. With them, you can create, customize beautiful infographics, ppts and many more.

6. Podbean


Podcasting has become a huge trend these days, but if you are new to the world of audio content, the process of creating it can be an obstacle for you. But Podbean changes that by giving you an easy way to create a professional podcast in a few minutes without loaded software and expensive hardware.

Moreover, you can get the benefit of easy podcast sharing on any social media network. You can share the podcast on your iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Amazon Alexa, and all the podcast apps.

7. Visme


This is another tool that allows you to organize your information as beautiful as possible on all social media networks. This platform offers several options for how your information can be displayed, including presentations, infographics, reports, prototypes, etc.

This tool can help you to translate your boring data into stunning visual formats that suit your browsers needs.

Bottom Line

Hope, the above-mentioned points help you for finding the best tool for your social media sharing posts. By optimal utilizing these tools, you can create attractive content for your social media posts and get more traffic or say business on your webpage.

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