7 Best Related Posts Plugins For WordPress in 2024

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Whenever you keep posting your new blog posts, the older ones get too much down and lost in between many posts. This condition can lead to new visitors missing your most popular blog post. To get the solution to this condition, there are the best related posts WordPress plugins for you. This is designed in such a way that it displays a list of your popular and best relatest blog posts URLs in the content.

WordPress organizes the most popular blog post in the form of a widget at the edge or in your site’s sidebar. It can be integrated directly into web pages also. As your posts grow faster, it is hard to find your best past blogs for newcomers. WordPress handle all such problems to keep your reader happy.

List of Best Related Posts WordPress Plugins for 2024

You can find a number of WordPress plugins in the market, but we will discuss the seven best-related post plugins for WordPress.

1. YARPP – Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

YARPP is the most popular related posts WordPress plugin. It shows your visitors relevant content at your site. This is highly customizable & professionally maintained to display pages, custom posts, and blogs emerging from current entry. YARPP boosts visitor engagement and time-on-site along with good search engine optimization. This can increase your page views by 10%. You need to simply install it, activate it, and then watch your page views increase.

You can install YARPP within WordPress or manually. Once installation and activation, you will have to customize your algorithm. YARPP got a number of good reviews from multiple users; you can trust it easily. Here we will learn more about its key features.

Key Features:

  • Versatile algorithm: YARPP searches related blogs and contents across your page by using customizable algorithms. It organizes posts Inform of the titles, bars, and attractive layouts.
  • Caching: The inbuilt generated cache cerates subsequently queries efficient and faster.
  • Custom styles: you can use pre-built thumbnail templates or can access YARPP custom templating to completely take over the results and how it displayed.
  • Suitable for all languages: This includes full-width characters that do not use spaces in between the words.

2. Contextual Related Posts

Contextual Related Posts

Contextual related posts are another powerful plugin for organizing the list of related blogs or post on your site. The list thus formed is based on the content of the headings; this makes a more relevant and interesting way of reading for your readers. This also allows you to keep visitors on your site, reduction of bounce rates along with refreshing old entries.

Although you can find many similar plugins today, contextual related posts are the most featured rich platform. This provides support for widgets, shortcodes, thumbnails, and CSS styles.

Key Features:

  • Widgets: This feature adds up the related blog posts to the widget location of your theme. You can find a number of options available there.
  • Automatic: once you activate the plugin, it will automatically start to display related posts. This does not require editing template files.
  • Shortcode: If you want to show the post anywhere on your site, you can use [crp} to display it.

3. Inline Related Posts

Inline Related Posts

The inline-related posts plugin is one of the best related post plugins for WordPress. It uses a powerful algorithm that automatically detects grammar rules in your content, such as line breaks, punctuations, tags, paragraphs, etc. You do not have to do anything. This plugin will insert the boxes automatically in your posts and articles. There is no additional work required.

Inline related post is a kind of link to a relevant article, which is set in the middle of the content to increase the page views.

Key features:

  • Easy to use: inline related posts make your work simple and easy by doing algorithms in the backend. It provides links to your content for readers.
  • The plugin takes over: Inline, once activated, automatically inserts a line break and clears all grammar mistakes by proofreading.

4. Related Posts Thumbnails Plugin For WordPress

Related Posts Thumbnails Plugin for WordPress

Related posts thumbnails will add all the related thumbnails to the post once it gets posted on your site. This allows you to customize thumbnail parameters such as size, height, etc. You can easily customize the thumbnail from medium to small. In addition, you can specify a custom field name as the thumbnail source.

All the thumbnails are arranged in the columns below the content or post, related to its title. All interesting things such as background color, text sizes, mouse hovering, and border can be easily customized.

Key Features:

  • Display only relevant: You can customize the number of related posts to be displayed. Also, you can categorize them at the top or on the sidebar.
  • Easy to find: related post thumbnail plugin make your visitors find the content they need by displaying a suitable thumbnail.

5. Related Posts For WordPress

Related Posts for WordPress

Related posts for WordPress allow you the ability to make a link in related posts with only one click. After installation, this will make your work simple in just a few steps. This neve slows down your website or lags your server. Related posts for WordPress generate their own cache memory. Doing this offers you significantly related posts and also keeps your site fast.

After activation, it will analyze the posts and link them. This simply means you can make related connections without doing any manual hard work.

Key Features:

  • Shortcode: This allows you to display your content anywhere on the site.
  • Manually addition, edit, or remove: Related posts for WordPress adds, edit, and remove our mistakes.
  • Widget: This allows you to show your content in the form of a widget, anywhere at the top or at the edge.

6. Related Posts Pro For WordPress

Related Posts Pro for WordPress

Related posts pro for WordPress gives you a powerful solution to all kinds of posts and content. This handles custom content types, categories, multisite, and many more. Related posts pro for WordPress come with three attractive layouts; these are isotopic, slick, and slide and transitions.

It offers you a good user-friendly backend. A comfortable backend may save a lot of time – this service is also provided by the related posts pro for WordPress.

Key Features:

  • Related posts pro has inbuilt three different layouts, as we have discussed earlier.
  • Sustainable search filter at the front end
  • Sixty-five well-defined templates
  • Autoplay and access to navigation buttons
  • User and developer-friendly

Price: This is a paid plugin and the cost is $22.

7. WordPress Infinite Related Next Post Manager

WordPress Infinite Related Next Post Manager

WordPress infinite related next post manager also comes full of features. It provides four different styles, top slider, bottom slider, left sidebar, and infinite loading. Moreover, it gives you access to the callback option. You can find the history of your content and post URL on scroll. Also, you can find the related post through interlink between them.

Various features of WordPress infinite sustain a custom post support. They have suitable support before and after post-management. Also, there is Google Adsense and analytics support.

Simply you can customize various features like background color, mouse hovering effects, designs, and layouts for better visibility of your content. By providing a suitable thumbnail to your content, you can save the time of your visitors and also fulfill their need-based content.

Key Features:

  • WordPress infinite related next supports popular themes, like X- theme, are theme, Jupiter, salient, newspaper theme, udesign, the 7 themes, etc.
  • Its key features include the addition of the next post manually.
  • A highly suitable and faster platform and comes with a good short code.

Price: This is a paid plugin and the cost is $25.

Final Words

The above-listed plugins are the best related post WordPress plugins that you can use on your website to increase page views and improve the user experience.

If you have any questions on any related-post WordPress plugin then feel free to ask by commenting below.

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