8 Best Domain Name Generators (Get Unique & Catchy Website Names)

A domain name is also an integral part of your online business. So you should spend a bit more on choosing the best match domain names as per the business needs.

However, choosing a perfect domain name is not child’s play. More than 300M domain names are already registered, hence you may feel harder and harder to find out the great domain names.

Best Domain Name Generators

It may difficult for you to think about the following criteria while choosing the best domain names. Still, you need to try to come up with the process.

  • Easy to memorize and catchy
  • Remove numbers and hyphens
  • Right domain name extension
  • Trustworthy
  • Unique

If you haven’t bought any domain then you can get a free domain using Bluehost hosting.

Before buying a domain name, you should know how it will perform in search engines. Moz provided the best SEO guides for choosing the best domain name for your website.

In this blog post, WPressBlog has published the best domain name generators. We hope you would like them all.

8 Best Domain Name Generators in 2021

1. LeanDomianSearch


Website: https://www.leandomainsearch.com/

This tool allows you to search for multiple domain name options with a single keyword. All results are available with .com domains.

This tool is quite perfect for you if you have great keyword ideas to search for the best domain names among the hundreds or thousands of available options.


  • It can filter the domain name alphabetically, by length as well as popularity.
  • It would save your favorite domain names.
  • You may also track the search history and share the search results.


  • It is capable to display the domain name with merely .com extensions.

If you remember a domain name for your website then you can also search on registrars like Bluehost and Dreamhost.

2. Bust A Name

Bust A Name

Website: http://www.bustaname.com/

This tool encompasses numerous filtering options to search for the quality domain. The tool searches the domain name by using input starting and ending keywords. After that you may filter the results by selecting the characters limit, domain extensions such as .com, in, .edu, .net, .org,…etc.

In case you don’t have ideas for the keywords, you can use the “Make a random domain option” to spark up the available domain names. You can save your favorite domain name for later use and buy it from domain registrars like HostGator and NameCheap.


  • It allows comparing prices at different domain registrars.
  • You can use the “make a random domain” option if you have no keywords ideas.


  • You can only place seed keywords at the start or end.

3. Shopify Business Name Generator

Shopify Business Name Generator

Website: https://www.shopify.com/tools/business-name-generator

This tool is similar to LeanDomainSearch and developed by Shopify. It is one of the most popular and great e-commerce solutions on the web. Start your search by the appropriate keywords that you want to include in the domain name. Like LeanDomianSearch, Shopify also gives the results with .com extensions.

It allows you to create a Shopify store immediately after a domain name selection. One disadvantage of this tool is that you can’t register a domain name without using the Shopify store.


  • The domain name created by this tool is more creative than others in the list.
  • This tool allows you to create a Shopify store just after opting for the domain name.


  • It merely shows you a domain name with .com extensions.

4. Names Tall

Names Tall

Website: http://www.namestall.com/domain-name-generator

This is a complete suite of domain name generators rather than a single tool. This encompasses useful IMO such as

  • The main domain name generator
  • Three-word domain name generator
  • The rhyming domain name generator

This tool has great customization options via “word groups”. You can easily choose the domain name with the required keywords. Just start by inputting the suitable keywords that you want to appear at the beginning or end followed by a word group to complete a domain.

Thus, with this tool, you would have great possibilities to perfectly customize your search. You can search up to five domain names with this tool during the trial period.


  • You can find the quality domain via great customization options.
  • It displays hundreds or thousands of TLD’s and you can register them directly.


  • You can do up to 5 searches in the free trial.

5. Name Boy

Name Boy

Website: http://www.nameboy.com/

You can search here the quality domain name by using the two keywords as input. This tool displays the list of suggested domain names with the appropriate keywords.

You can also determine the available domain extensions. For instance, in case example.com is taken, you can still snag example.net or example.org,…or more. Also, you can search domain names for resale or the domain names as per hyphenated or rhyming keywords.

This is the perfect tool for you if you have far better keyword ideas with different variations.


  • You can search a domain name with 2 seed keywords.
  • You have full control to remove or add hyphens.


  • The checkout process to buy a domain name is unsafe.

6. Domain Puzzler

Domain Puzzler

Website: http://www.domainpuzzler.com/

This simple tool consists of various options. The best part of this tool is that you can use numerous keywords with a combination of different variations. You can start with your ideal keywords, choose the domain extension, and search the ideas.

Finally, you can add the favorite domain name to the list or you may try for more searches. Moreover, this tool allows you to determine the page rank of numerous domain names.

If you know the keywords to combine with the domain name, you can go for this tool to find out the perfect domain name.


  • It lets you combine multiple keywords.


  • Sometimes the search doesn’t work well.

7. Name Mesh

Name Mesh

Website: https://www.namemesh.com/

If you have multiple keyword ideas, this domain name generator tool generates the ideas on the basis of the different categories like common, new, short, similar, and SEO.

Once you complete the keywords search, you can then filter the results in terms of domain extensions, character limit, and unregistered domains. It is really a perfect domain name generator tool for the one who is looking for better options to choose quality domain names.


  • It generates a large list of domain names.


  • Some of the domain names are not available.

8. Domains Bot

Domains Bot

Website: http://www.domainsbot.com/

Domains bot is a domain suggestion as well as a domain search tool. You can start by searching the keywords and get numerous ideas based on that particular keywords, combining keywords or similar keywords.

You can also search the domain name and purchase through links to domain registrars. Domains bot provides a filter option in which you can filter the domain names by domain extensions, language, prefixes, and suffixes.

The best part of this tool is that it offers good customization possibilities with synonyms and multiple TLD’s


  • This tool offers great customizations with synonyms, prefixes, and suffixes.


  • Generally, Domain names are not so creative.


If you are going to buy the first domain name, it would be far better to choose the best options for your domain. Select the most suitable domain name generator here as per your need by filtering your choices.

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  1. These sites are helpful but when finding a domain for my site, I found the results too generic. It just took pen, paper and a lot of false starts to choose my current name, Wunderstock.com.

    It’s crazy how many names related to this niche were taken just because photography and investing are such popular topics.

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